#BillyBushMadeMeDoIt: Melania Trump’s Billy Bush Comments Funniest Memes & Jokes

Melania Trump has spoken out in depth for the first time since her husband became embroiled in controversy over the infamous Billy Bush tape that captured Trump making lewd comments about women to Bush. However, Melania's much hyped interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper soon turned into a new controversy when Melania, according to CNN, made comments that appeared to be blaming Bush for her husband's remarks. That led to the Twitter trend #BillyBushMadeMeDoIt as people posted gifs and jokes about the comment. In the dramatic sit down interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper that has sparked the Twitter trend, Melania Trump said Donald Trump's lewd comments on the notorious Billy Bush tape were "boy talk," according to CNN. CNN says she also claimed Bush "egged on" Donald Trump. Twitter immediately lit up with commentary on those comments. Melania had not yet spoken beyond written statements in the wake of the groping and kissing allegations against her husband. Since Trump's comments on the Bush tapes, in which he infamously said women let stars grab them by the private parts, the Republican nominee has been hammered by a string of women who have accused him of unwanted physical contact. Trump has forcefully denied those allegations, and he has accused the news media of "rigging" the election by subjecting him to the allegations this close to an election. The pre interview excerpts released by CNN did not include comments by Melania on the groping and kissing allegations. Trump has tried to shift attention back to women's accusations against former president Bill Clinton years ago. (Twitter)

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1 Comment


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