Third Presidential Debate: Best & Funniest Debate Memes & Jokes

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The third and final presidential debate was scheduled for 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on October 19. The debate comes at a high stakes moment in the presidential contest, as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has broken into a lead in national polls. The RealClearPolitics polling average has Clinton leading an average of 6.5 percent for polls from October 10 through October 18. However, the race remains tight in battleground states. The polls had tightened going into Setember. However, Clinton was widely regarded as performing well in the first two presidential debates, and the media have hammered Donald Trump with a series of accusations from women who allege he subjected them to physical contact without their consent. Donald Trump, in turn, has forcefully denied those allegations and has accused the media of bias and "rigging" the election. He has also tried to shift the attention to the accusations various women have lodged against former President Bill Clinton. With all of that backdrop, people expected the final presidential debate to be particularly theatrical. Trump had already thrown a curveball into the debate by inviting President Obama's half brother, Malik Obama, to be one of his guests at the debate. Malik Obama has endorsed Donald Trump; Malik and Barack Obama share the same father but have different mothers. Trump also invited a new woman who has accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault to the debate as his guest as well as Pat Smith, the mother of a man who died in Benghazi. The debate is being moderated by Chris Wallace, of Fox News, the son of famed 60 Minutes' broadcaster Mike Wallace. Commenters on Twitter immediately threw jokes and memes into the debate mix. (Twitter)