WATCH: Second Presidential Debate Full Video Replay

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off on Sunday night in the first presidential debate live from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The debate got heated at times and both candidates had strong responses, especially considering that they’ve been in the center of some pretty major news this past week. You’ll definitely want to watch the video of the debate and catch every moment that you might have missed.

The debate aired on every major news station and was moderated by Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper. You can watch the full video replay of the debate above. You can also watch the full replay of the debate through the PBS broadcast below.

The debate was the second of three debates. The next one is later this month. Learn about the schedule for the next debate in our story below:




This debaate was an absolute joke far worse than the first debate. All questions were for the benefit of Hillary Clinton. It was embarrassing. Nothing tangible was covered in any detail. Auduence participation was at a bare minimum, while Hillary Clinton sat there with that smug look on her face. I think honest fact-checking on her comments are in order, especially her comments about her husband’s legacy. Bengazi was. Ot beought up, why? Erased & missing tapes were not brought up, Why? This was a one sided corum for Hillary Clinton. The Liberal media should be off limits as moderators. Outside, on-biased moderators should be brought in. This debate was a waste of my time.


You are yourself less than objective. In my view the moderators tried to be as neutral as possible under the macho and condescending attidue of DT. I agree that this debate was worse than the first one. But DT never answered any questions – he rarely does. HRC did not handle the issues of Benghazi and Bill Clinton’s womanizing well. DT failed to convince anyone about the innocence of “locker room banter.” In any event, post-debate poll suggested HRC the winner. Nothing much seems to have changed.


stfu u fcking demtard1 dt was ambushed by the evil establishment, and he still managed to come on top11 against all odds, the biased modz, the audience, the leftard media, everybody111 and wtf do you know about the gawd damn polls1111

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