Shadow McClaine: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A Fort Campbell solder who was missing since early September was caught up in a bizarre web of online stalking accusations and counter accusations.

On January 25, her remains were discovered:

The family of Shadow McClaine, 25, had been seeking answers since she didn’t show up for duty and vanished, leaving behind a complex web of fraught relationships. The Army Times says McClaine was last heard from on September 2. She sometimes went by the name Branice Willis.

For almost two months, people wondered whether McClain met with foul play or had disappeared on her own when it was revealed she was facing criminal charges she alleged were a set up.

CBS News reported that two fellow soldiers are now “being held” in connection with McClaine’s disappearance.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. McClaine Didn’t Show up for Court on Charges She Stalked a Hooters Waitress

Complicating the story, McClaine had “open court cases” on “charges of stalking, criminal impersonation and contempt of court” at the time she vanished, said the Leaf Chronicle.

The newspaper reported that she did not show for a September 21 court hearing. Crime Watch Daily said the alleged victim was a Hooters waitress.

The woman, named Tiffany, told Crime Watch Daily, that McClaine had allegedly stalked her after finding a Hooters receipt with the name Tiffany in her ex-husband’s pocket, but claims she is the wrong Tiffany. “I know she was stalking me. She tried to break into my Facebook, break into my emails, break into everything,” the woman told Crime Watch Daily.

A person using McClaine’s name left a lengthy statement under a police booking report website alleging that she was being framed and had never met the stalking accuser in person.

“I have lost faith in the justice system’s ability to provide actual protection should I need it now and spend most of my time off post looking over my shoulder,” the person wrote.

A post accusing McClaine of being a stalker was left on a site called She’s a Homewrecker, the blog Umbrella of Suspicion found. Comment writers defended her ex-husband and accused McClaine of posting harassing comments online about other women on cheating websites.

Since her family last heard from her on September 2, when McClain said she “was house sitting for a friend,” there has been no activity on her cell phone and credit card accounts, said CBS.

Her mother said she was dog sitting for a friend and texted her but gave no indication anything was amiss.

2. Two Soldiers Are Being Held in McClain’s Disappearance

The two soldiers, who have not yet been publicly identified, are considered “persons of interest,” according to WSMV-TV. The military has released no further details on them; the news they were being held came on October 27.

jamal williams

Jamal Williams. (Montgomery County Sheriff)

McClaine’s ex-husband, Jamal McCray Williams, was booked into a local jail for a warrant on October 6, but it’s not clear whether he is one of the people of interest or why he was arrested, said NBC News.

McClaine’s mother says the marriage was short-lived and tumultuous with warring accusations.

3. McClaine Worked as an Air Traffic Control Operator & Served in Afghanistan

McClain’s job at the base that is located at the Kentucky and Tennessee border was in air traffic control.

She had also been “deployed to front lines in Afghanistan and South Korea,” Crime Watch Daily says.

Clarksville Now says McClain vanished after the Labor Day weekend.

4. McClain’s Car Was Found in Downtown Nashville & She Wanted to Be a Photographer

On September 13, McClain’s Hyundai Elantra was found abandoned on a downtown Nashville street, where it had been for days.

After McClaine disappeared, search teams scoured local woods and other areas, and a candlelight vigil was held.

Her phone pinged a few days before Labor Day near a small motel and pawn shop in Clarksville.

McClaine had aspirations to move to California and pursue a passion for photography.

5. McClaine’s Brake Lines Were Cut & She Expressed Fear for Her Safety

Crime Watch Daily says that McClaine’s brake lines were cut, and she had told a friend that “someone was trying to kill her.”

McClaine’s mother said her brake lines were cut in May.

Her mother said McClaine was supposed to be discharged in October from the Army.