The Murder of Teresa Halbach: Crime Scene Photos [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

In May, an investigative reporter for USA Today visited the Avery Salvage yard. He spent a few hours on the property, and had the opportunity to meet Steven's brothers, Chuck and Earl, and their parents, Allan and Delores. The reporter described the family as "hard-working, extremely friendly, and very nice" people. After his time on the lot, he was able to describe his impressions of the yard. He writes, "If... Halbach was slain elsewhere, somebody could have easily sneaked onto the back of the Avery Salvage Yard to hide her RAV4 there without drawing suspicion from the Averys. There’s a tremendous distance from the spot toward the back of the property where the RAV4 was found missing its license plates and the Avery’s residential properties on the 40-acre parcel." (Manitowoc County Circuit Court)

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Seeing toes in a fire…. A fire claimed to be 10 feet high. You know how hot that fire is? DId Brendan have binoculars to see the toes? So many errors in this trial is sick.


This dude is guilty as sin. Stop giving his murdering-ask fame. Poor lady lost her life and this hilljack is loved like Charlie Manson. Morons


Thank goodness for folks like you who are all knowing and don’t require fact checking. Kind of like the deputy who obviously didn’t check her facts regarding the bleach bottle. Per the court transcripts the bleach bottle was found above the washing machine. One could speculate that investigators collecting evidence moved the bottle to the kitchen table before removing it from the property.


You, as well, my dear. I’ve checked this out. I’ve watched all the documentaries (except that vile Netflix). I’ve heard the D.A. discuss it. I’ve heard the defense discuss it. He’s as guilty as it gets. And just for argument’s sake, forget about the blood evidence. Did the cops burn Ms. Halbach’s remains and car, and anything identifying her? It’s just coincidence she was on this poor slob of a ‘victim’s’ property? Which happened to be a junkyard and ripe for a scene from the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie? Forget about the ‘nephew’ too. He walks, looks and acts like a duck! It’s morons like you, that deserve to spend one night alone with Mr. Avery on his luxurious junkyard estate. Are you game, Ms. Kate?


I come frome a state that stays packing, Louisiana.. number one muder rate. We don’t play wit this kinda stuff y’all tripping take a class but a gun and relax. And invade you wonder if it had dangerous situations I have, people think twice whenever you start shooting at them.

Randy Clark

Your argument is ridiculous. Forget about the blood evidence? Are you kidding? That’s the only blood they found. They are going to run the tests on the “Avery” blood found in the car and carbon date it. If it’s found to have EDTA or if it’s discovered to be from 1995 guess what? That means it was planted. They have phone recording between the two lead Investigators speaking about the timeline of Teresa that she left Avery’s place and confessing that she was last seen at Zipperer’s house at 3:30pm. Why couldn’t Mr. Zipperer have killed her in the quarry (which is why the testing is being done on other materials including the charred remains placing the body there) and the cops put the remains on Avery’s property because they wanted it to be him? You believe Brendan’s confession do you? Okay. Then since they stabbed her multiple times in the bedroom (according to his confession) and slit her throat (according to his confession) then brought her out into the garage and shot her several times (according to her confession) and put her in her car and drove to the pond (according to his confession) then back to the house because the pond was too low (according to his confession) – where’s all the trace evidence of all that blood and tissue and fiber? Where? Was Teresa anemic? Seriously? The bedroom alone should have serious amounts of DNA all over the bed and floor and ceiling and walls. But – NOTHING. Oh, except that key with none of “her” DNA on it. Get real.


Perhaps you should become a CSI. yiu seem to have all the evidence. Maybe knock on her moms door and let her know that you have all this info. I’ll bet she’ll give you a hug and help you advocate for her innocence. The Halbachs sat through 2 years of trials, they saw all the evidence, they heard all the testimony while putting their lives on hold. They are confident that the right persons are in prison. You watched a movie.

Liam Jewell

Interesting how she gets murdered a few days after a $36million lawsuit is filed. That is what I would do…..sue my county then go out and murder someone cause I just would rather go back to jail then have 36million bucks. Wow you are pretty stupid and should wake up.


It’s idiots like you that think they have it all figured out because they watched it on the “telly”.


one could speculate that the Easter Bunny Moved the bleach and then poured it all over Brendan’s pants while he was wearing them.

Randy Clark

Bleach is an inanimate object. It is also a common object. You need to make a connection between the evidence. You have none. Brendan could have been cleaning blood from hunting as they did often, or from working on a vehicle, or just general cleaning, and it could have been a week old, a month old, or a year old, or an hour old (bleach stains). Again, how about we let the new science speak so you and your speculative “rabbit holes” can be silenced?

Randy Clark

Oh, and no, I’ve read as much as I could (can) outside of the “series” (not a movie – another “fact” you’ve gotten wrong) and also the new motions for evidence that are available to read in full in PDF format via the internet.


You are as retarded as 1 can be! Like wow… The worst thing is I know there is so many other “clever” ppl like you out there. I really wish same type of shit would happen to you!

Aurora Blue

Steven Avery is a man from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, who was convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder in 1985. After serving 18 years of a 32-year sentence, he was exonerated by DNA testing and released.

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