The Murder of Teresa Halbach: Crime Scene Photos [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

In May, an investigative reporter for USA Today visited the Avery Salvage yard. He spent a few hours on the property, and had the opportunity to meet Steven's brothers, Chuck and Earl, and their parents, Allan and Delores. The reporter described the family as "hard-working, extremely friendly, and very nice" people. After his time on the lot, he was able to describe his impressions of the yard. He writes, "If... Halbach was slain elsewhere, somebody could have easily sneaked onto the back of the Avery Salvage Yard to hide her RAV4 there without drawing suspicion from the Averys. There’s a tremendous distance from the spot toward the back of the property where the RAV4 was found missing its license plates and the Avery’s residential properties on the 40-acre parcel." (Manitowoc County Circuit Court)

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