Clinton-Trump Third Presidential Debate: Betting Props, Odds & Event Analysis

2016 Presidential Debate, second presidential debate, presidential debate st. louis

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis. (Getty)

The odds on Hillary Clinton being elected President of the United States against Donald Trump have improved after each of their first two debates. Wednesday’s third and final debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas figures to also have some effect on the odds.

Clinton’s odds of winning the national election on Nov. 9 have stabilized at -600 with Trump listed at +400 at sportsbooks monitored by Polling might point to the Democratic candidate winning comfortably in the Electoral College against the brash Republican, but what the two will say – and do – on Wednesday is anything but predictable.

Among the more enticing bets is who will interrupt the other candidate first. Trump is listed at -300, with Clinton at +200. There is a -120 prop – for yes and no – on whether the candidates will shake hands before the debate.

On the campaign stump of late, Trump has taken to questioning the validity of the election, albeit without proof. The total on utterances of “rig” or “rigged” is 4.5, with under listed at -140 and over at even money.

The over/under on mentions of “WikiLeaks” is 3.5, with over favored at -135. The total for how many times Trump will say “tremendous” is 8.5. Under is the slight favorite at -130.

Trump came to prominence during the primary season with his slogan “Make America Great Again.” This late in the game, the over/under on the Republican using his tagline is 2. The under is listed at -135, with over at -105.

Trump wore a red tie in the second debate, and Clinton wore a blue jacket. Red remains the -200 favorite for Trump’s choice of neckwear, with blue at +300, yellow/gold at +400 and black at +2000. Anything else goes for +600 at online sports betting sites.

Similarly, Clinton wearing blue again goes for -150, with white and black each listed at +500, yellow/gold posted at +700 and red the longshot at +3000. The wild card, of Clinton wearing one of the colors not listed, is listed at +400.

There was a roughly 25 percent drop in viewership from the first debate (84 million) to the second (63.6) million. With regard to whether this debate will outdraw the second, No (fewer than 63.6 million) is listed at -200 and Yes is listed at +150.

As far as which network will have the highest viewership, NBC is the chalk pick at -200, with ABC listed at +175 followed by CBS (+500) and Fox (+900).

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