WATCH: Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Don’t Shake Hands at Third Debate

The third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was so heated that the two candidates did not shake hands after it ended. Clinton and Trump only walked over to Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and shook hands with them. After that, they walked off the stage. Clinton even rushed off before Trump did.

Clinton declined to shake hands with Trump just moments after he called her a “nasty woman” while she was answering Wallace’s question on entitlements.

“I am on record as saying that we need to put more money into the Social Security trust fund — that’s part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy,” Clinton was saying at the time. “My Social Security contribution will go up, as will Donald’s, unless he can figure out some way to get out of it.”

“Such a nasty woman,” Trump interjected.

Trump also refused to say if he will accept the results of the November election if he loses. “I’ll keep you in suspense, okay,” Trump told Wallace. Clinton then called the remark “horrifying.”

Before the debate, Trump and Clinton did not shake hands before the debate either. You can see that video below.

The New York Times reported before the debate that Bill Clinton and Melania Trump wouldn’t shake hands before their spouses debated either. Trump had invited four women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault to the second debate.

At the first debate, Trump and Clinton did shake hands at the beginning, but declined to do so at the second debate.

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