WATCH: Donald Trump Booed During Al Smith Dinner

At the Al Smith dinner this evening, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was booed during his monologue.

The Al Smith dinner is an event meant to raise funds for Catholic charities, and candidates traditionally give speeches poking fun at themselves and lightly mocking their opponent. However, Trump’s speech took on an unusually mean tone, and it wasn’t long before the Republican candidate was booed and heckled by the audience.

Although some of Trump’s jokes in the beginning of the event, such as one about Melania Trump’s plagiarism scandal, were well received, it all turned sour when Trump opened a joke with “Hillary is so corrupt…” The majority of Trump’s jokes were similarly worded, more like his traditional anti-Hillary Clinton talking points with punchlines interspersed.

Trump also made reference to the emails recently released by Wikileaks, and when he talked about Hillary Clinton’s supposedly anti-Catholic views, the crowd began to heckle Trump. He started this joke by saying that Clinton is “pretending not to hate Catholics” tonight, at which point audience members yelled at him to finish and get off the stage.

It didn’t help that Trump shouted most of his remarks angrily the way he speaks at his rallies, often fumbling through the joke and confusing the attendees. By the time Trump finished, about half of the audience applauded and half booed as the Republican candidate took his seat.

Hillary Clinton’s speech, which came immediately after Trump’s, was not much nicer, as she attacked Trump by saying that he is not a real billionaire and that he is a puppet for Russia. Clinton, too, was booed by members of the audience, and what is meant to be a friendly outing to benefit charity turned into yet another dark and divisive night in the 2016 election.