Donald Trump Asks Supporters If He Was Purposely Given a Bad Debate Microphone

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Donald Trump in Canton, Ohio on September 14. (Getty)

During a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump alleged that he was purposely given a faulty microphone at the recent debate.

When the topic of the presidential debate came up at Trump’s Manheim rally, the Republican candidate said that he thinks he won it, despite the fact that his microphone was not working properly. He’s referring to the fact that the audio levels were a bit off in the debate hall, with Trump sounding quieter than Hillary Clinton. The audio was fine on television, however, and so no one at home would have noticed.

Trump then floated the conspiracy theory that someone intentionally sabotaged the debate and gave him a bad microphone.

“How many people think that was done on purpose,” Trump asked the audience, at which point the entire crowd cheered. It was clear that this was a rhetorical question on Trump’s part.

He went on to mock the Commission on Presidential Debates, saying they have “big fancy name” and seeming surprised that they’re the ones who run the debates. Trump also said that he definitely beat Hillary Clinton, but those in the media put a spin on things and claimed that Clinton won.

This was a section of the speech during which Trump went off of his scripted address. He continued to go off of the teleprompter after the debate comments, going on to say that Hillary Clinton “could actually be crazy” and making fun of her recent health scare.

He also asked the crowd if any of them actually liked debate moderator Lester Holt, at which point the audience all said “no!” in unison. Immediately after the debate on Monday, Donald Trump said that Lester Holt did a great job.

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Donald Trump is an idiot and a definite threat to our country. Smarten up America!

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