WATCH: Mike Pence Tells Tim Kaine “You Whipped Out That Mexican Thing Again”

During the vice presidential debate tonight, Mike Pence uttered a line that immediately blew up on social media in regards to Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

Throughout the debate, Tim Kaine consistently mentioned Donald Trump’s past comments on Mexicans, something that frustrated Pence, who felt Kaine was misrepresenting the campaign’s position.

In response to Kaine raising this point again, Pence said, “You whipped out that Mexican thing again.”

Pence also said that Kaine is leaving out that Donald Trump said that some immigrants are good people.

Pence was likely trying to call out Kaine for using the same scripted line over and over, something that happened quite frequently throughout the debate. At another point in the night, Pence said to Kaine, “Did you work on that one a long time? Because that had a lot of creative lines in it.”

Shortly after this moment happened, the Clinton campaign quickly purchased the domain “,” which now redirects to the official Clinton campaign website. Clinton supporters also began to use the hashtag “#ThatMexicanThing” on Twitter to mock Pence.




bring back that loving feeling… oh the memories1 it seems like yesterday that dt made the statement that catapulted him to political in-famy11 unlike hellary’s basket of deplorables blunder, dt was smart enough not to use a more generalizing quantizer qualifier; but he used the indeterminate pronoun ‘some’ instead. hence, his org statement is correct and truthful (vlr) the fact that it butthurted some ppl’s feelings is irrelevant, and merely a side bonus… since is common knowledge that mexicúnts are scum in general, anyhow; and every other latinamerican thinks so as well..:o

Furry Louvin

Two things Pence revealed with this comment: there was a lot going on under that table, and apparently Kaine is Mexican.