WATCH: Donald Trump Claims He Wasn’t Talking About Sexual Assault in Leaked Tape

During the second presidential debate on Tuesday, Donald Trump denied that he was talking about sexual assault on a leaked tape in which he bragged about grabbing women without their consent.

In the debate, Anderson Cooper asked Trump if he understands that he admitted to sexual assault on the tape, which caught a conversation between Trump and Billy Bush on an Access Hollywood bus. Trump accused Anderson Cooper of not understanding what Trump had said, chalking it up to locker room talk and saying that “you hear these things.”

Trump quickly pivoted into his standard stump speech about ISIS and about creating jobs, not really tying this into anything related to the leaked tape.

The Republican nominee added that he was “embarrassed” by the tape and that he hates it, but it was just locker room talk and not a sexual assault conversation.

In her response, Hillary Clinton said that it’s clear that this leaked video represents who Trump really is.

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i have to admit he made a mistake, but not a huge one. the only thing is that he tried to pivot right away towards more relevant and important issues, instead of apologizing further. it was too fast, and didn’t allow for answering fully properly the question; which was precisely about that…

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