Donald Trump Tape: What Did Trump Say About Women?

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Donald Trump is looking to save his campaign. (Getty)

Donald Trump finds himself at the center of controversy once again on the campaign trail. The Washington Post released an Access Hollywood outtake video from 2005 where Trump is overheard making degrading comments about women to host Billy Bush.

Trump told Bush a story of an aggressive advance he made on a woman.

“I moved on her, actually. You know, she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it… I did try and f**k her. She was married,” Trump told Bush.

Trump continued telling him how he took her furniture shopping and explained that his advances were unsuccessful.

“I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony t**s and everything. She’s totally changed her look,” Trump continued.

After discussing who they were meeting on the Days of Our Lives set, Trump began making more generic statements including a slur about grabbing women.

“Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything…Grab ’em by the p***y. You can do anything,” Trump said.

The release of the tape has been greeted with outrage across the country, including many politicians within the Republican party.

Ohio Governor John Kasich released a statement saying he would not vote for Trump.

Senator John McCain also released a statement withdrawing his support for Trump.

Trump released a video apologizing for his comments while also confirming that he said the things in the video. In the apology, he turned his attention to the Clintons and referenced Bill Clinton’s marital indiscretions.

It will be worth watching how Trump responds at the second presidential debate. Most expect him to try to turn the attention to Bill Clinton.




To The Women Voters, in the beginning of 2016. Europe had 500 rapes of young women, and in the middle of the year 400 Moore,these rapes we’re done by Muslim refugees demanding women cover themselves! The same refugees are being invited to our country by Obama and his administration! These same refugees demand Sharia law !! In their new country and America is looking like one of their new countries !! Thanks to the Obama and Clinton administration, Obama has increased his immigration policy and now bringing in 600 – 800 Muslim immigrants a day . Hillary Clinton is All for the Muslim invasion of our country Muslim Isis militants, threaten the countries they are in demanding Sharia law !! And if they do not get it, Terror attacks will continue in their new country !! It is very important for you to understand !! If Hillary Clinton is president of United States,the way of life and the values what America has to offer, for those who try to escape oppression.The freedom of a government for the people, a government by the people, will be gone forever, if you think it cannot happen to America !! Look to Europe, Sweden is now the rape capital of the world !! Surpassing Africa ,and this is due to,Muslim immigrants that demand Sharia law ! Hillary Clinton wants to increase the Muslim refugees 550 percent !! If you want your ancestry to be wiped out,vote for Hillary Clinton !! If you want America The Shining Light of the World to be extinguished, vote for Hillary Clinton !! If you want 4 more years of debt, High medical insurance, High utility bills !! Then taking the chance, that everything that I said,is all Make-Believe and could not happen to this great country called America !! Please remember,this is a vote for your children your grandchildren your legacy your family bloodline will be gone if Clinton is, the next president of the United States !! Lord I pray that you give site of understanding for, the Obama and Clinton administration, have Unleashed the Locust onto the world and they are coming to the shores of this great nation you have given us !! They, the enemy, the Locust of Muslim men, are coming to destroy the garden !! Let them have wisdom in their decision, let them see past the lies, let them see the wolves in sheep’s clothing!! I pray these things in your Holy Name. Amen


i agree with most; although i failed to see how all of that is directly rel to dt’s vsextape scandal, except maybe the wrongfully perceived ‘rape’ talk, because he obv even then didn’t do anything wrong. obv billary wants to purposely turn ramerica into a previrgin rape paradise1 though i’m certain some ‘women’ will receive them with open legs111 :niggaloverz cough: anyhow, i only would like to add on the obv derailed sidenote that the arg about dt could potentially be pissing mooslims off and further proving their point has to be the most idiotic thing i’ve heard from the leftdardz in a long time. i’ve ‘news’ for you (dem ingeneral@inparticular); this ‘ppl’ already hate our guts, love evil, terror, mayhem and death, and will do everything they can to destroy us regardless of how we behave, or the ‘kindness’ we display. they don’t need any more excuses; although i can understand why you wouldn’t like to fight one of your own moral kind. so the rest of us standing up for ourselves is precisely the best move, both rationally, and emotionally. it’s the only thing that has worked in the past, and will continue to work in the future. the more uncommon sense and weakness we portray, the more they will continue to get the upper hand. a strong show of force in order to put them in their place once and for all, it’s the only thing they’ll understand; period. nothing else will work as effectively and efficiently…

Jess Ftp

I didn’t realize that Brock Turner was a Muslim… wait….. I feel like I am missing something here… Hey, are you saying that basically I have a choice between being raped by a muslim and being raped by an upstanding, regular, white american guy? And that that choice (between one rapist and another) will be determined by whether or not I vote for a Woman (Who is a woman, who could also get raped by these Muslims she’s so keen on letting in) or a Man (who has said some creepster things in regards to how he treats women sexually)?

But wait, now, is it okay because the already present rapists in the US are presumably white and Christian? Is that it?

Also, I didn’t realize America was any kind of Utopia as you suggest, (“garden”… of Eden, I suppose is what you’re referencing). I mean what with Non-whites being mowed down by the police, brutalized and treated as not only second class citizens, but subhuman, I figured America was just as damned as the rest of the world, but I guess, what you’re saying here is, If I thought things were bad now (which apparently they aren’t already, which is news to me) I should just wait until the Non-humans, no, wait I mean, Locusts, no, no I mean Non whites, wait, Muslim men come.

I’m all confused now. Wait, what wolves? What sheep? Why are there so many animals??? And in whose Holy Name do you pray anyway?? Are you talking about The God? Because if that’s the case, I got bad news, That God is the same as The Muslim God, is the same as the Jewish God. Gasp, I know, I know. It was news to me too, but turns out, yeah, it’s all the same God fellow that all three of these religions claim to follow. I don’t think most of them know that though, cuz they all keep fighting with each other about who’s God is right about what. But yeah, it’s kind of a sick joke that this God fellow is really just the same one god but he’s trying to get all the worship he can, I guess or something, since he’s got three whole religions dedicated to him.

It’s crazy, really. But not as crazy as these raping Locusts you’re talking about. Have you ever played Gears of War? The Locusts in that game were pretty awful too. But don’t worry if you haven’t played. I have and so have many other young Americans. So, rest easy, we know how to deal with them. We’ve been practicing.


Brock Turner! was convicted of felony, for sexual assault ,and must register as a sex offender. Bill Clinton falls under the same category, and definition as Brock Turner !! Yes, you are missing something ; (The point!), voting for a woman has nothing to do with,the point, it is the character! Like the character of a man, a woman, can see a man ,and his character ,demeanor business intelligence, looks, and women can also see, good judgement strength, ability, the knowledge to get things done, these things, are clear to a women and they see the choices that men make ,whether or not ,they are successful, or not !; Donald Trump, is a billionaire ,and his decisions are brilliant ,above-average, and he has a positive push to win !! and Clinton,well ! a child, can see her deception! (But as children) : Children can be fooled in believing the lies of a liar !! (that said). Rapist in the US, have nothing to do with, (the point). The Muslims,want to breed all other religions out of Extinction !! America ,is not a perfect social political system, but ! It tries, to move forward in that direction !! Basically you are correct ! This is not the Garden of Eden,but what’s left of it! As for being mowed down ! By the police ? Is everyone underwear of the attack on 9/11 ? San Bernardino ? The Pulse Nightclub ? And the president what is his responsibilities, in all of this? He has a responsibility,to the country ,to the people, of this country to inform them, that we, have been under attack !! By, radical Islamic terrorists ,and he’s neglected,to inform, the public to cooperate with the police ! As,there are terrorist activities within the country !! President Obama has neglected his responsibilities !! to the American people,to,openly request for our assistance ! Butt as an American citizen ! We, also, are aware of terrorist activities ! shootings ,bombings ! The American people ,should cooperate. Because, It ! Is ! The right thing to do ! So, the police will know ,by are cooperation, we ,are not a threat ! To our society ! Like, those who have already attacked us. The lack of corroboration, or the straight-out refusal ,put’s you at risk ! Because you are aware ! and you, having the knowledge, that police officers are being shot ! People are being, killed by bombs ! flying planes into buildings and so on ! and you say, brutality ? Second-class citizens ? subhumans ?Because you understand, and are aware that your disobedience will cause a reaction ! This negative reaction, you, will ,get, was planned ! With the ,willful knowledge, to achieve that outcome ! Also, it is, mainly non-whites ,that are trying to achieve this outcome ! As to the Locust !! ( Behold the desolation !! ) . The wolves,are the Liars of men, and need to disguise themselves, as, innocent sheep ! (that said). The Holy Name of God is………….
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