Donald Trump Interview, ’60 Minutes’: What Time & Channel Is It On?

Tonight, President-elect Donald Trump will appear in his first extensive post-election interview. First Lady-elect Melania will also speak with 60 Minutes, along with Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric, and Donald Jr.

According to CBS, Trump will discuss immigration and deportation, and the wall that became a focal point of his campaign. Tonight, the President-elect will explain that the wall could be part wall and part “fencing”.

Read on for details on how you can watch the show.

DATE: Sunday, November 13, 2016

TIME:  7pm ET/PT

TV CHANNEL: CBS (Click here to find your local CBS affiliate.)
Additional channels affiliated with CBS News: CBS Owned-and-Operated Stations:

California – Los Angeles KCBS
California – San Francisco KPIX
California – Sacramento KOVR
Colorado – Denver KCNC
Florida – Miami WFOR
Illinois – Chicago WBBM
Maryland – Baltimore WJZ
Massachusetts – Boston WBZ
Michigan – Detroit WWJ
Minnesota – Minneapolis WCCO
New York – New York WCBS
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia KYW
Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh KDKA
Texas – Dallas KTVT

DURATION: 1 hour

DESCRIPTION:   Lesley Stahl interviews President-elect Donald Trump and members of his family, including First Lady-elect Melania, Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric and Donald Jr.

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Horrible… just watched it. Trumps did great as the Liberal Hack tried in every way to make them look bad……. HEY 60 Shitty Minutes…!!!! FAIL….!


I watched the interview on CBS Sunday, and I was very proud of President Elect
Donald Trump and his family. I voted for him, and I’m so glad because he shows
he’s a true leader and will do great things for this country. I could see Lesley R.
Stahl was trying to anger Mr. Trump with her false questions, but Mr. Trump was
too smart for her. Lesley Stahl told Mr. Trump what he thinks of his supporters
harassing, Muslims, Black, Latinos and Gays. Mr. Trump told her he hadn’t heard
anything about that, which is true. Lesley Stahl lied about this and Mr. Trump knew
that, but he kept his cool. This woman, Lesley R. Stahl is a typical crooked, lying
Liberal Democrat working for CBS, the most bias network around. Mr. Trump’s
supporters were all watching this interview, and like me, they were very upset
about Mr. Trump’s supporters. The only ones rioting, and harassing and protesting
are the Democrat supporters, not the Republican supporters. That is how the Liberal
Democrats lie. If Hillary Clinton would have won, the interviewer Lesley Stahl would
have been so sweet to her. Thank God Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won
the election.

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