Clinton vs. Trump Electoral College Maps: How Each Could Win

For comparison purposes, this electoral college map shows the 2012 election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Obviously Obama won and his states are colored blue. The National Archives and Records Administration offers this map to educate the public, and you can also create your own customized electoral college maps at the site. Donald Trump needs to seize back some of the blue states that Obama won if he is going to redraw the electoral college map. He is in striking distance in some of the blue states (like Florida, which was a tie on November 3). Clinton is leading in others, such as the Midwestern states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. The polls have been tightening recently, but Clinton still leads in enough of the blue states to win, as long as the polls match what happens on election day (and in early voting) and provided they don't tighten much farther (always a possibility). Obama did better in some states and Clinton in others. (National Archives and Records Administration)