Democratic Candidates for President in 2020: 5 Potential Options

A bitter and contentious presidential election came to a close last week. Now, the cycle will reset for another four years.

Despite trailing in almost every poll, GOP Donald Trump won the electoral college last Tuesday in the general election.

The next presidential election is November 3, 2020 and many are speculating who could run in 2020. It's unlikely Hillary Clinton, who recently turned 69, will make a third attempt to win the presidency. Clinton, as well as Donald Trump’s age, have been factors in this election cycle, and would also be one in 2020.

Click through the gallery to see five possible Democratic candidates for 2020. (Getty)




Everyone of those mentioned an establishment Democrat, we need Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner or anyone from the progressive side of the Party.


All losers……..chicken neck pelosi…pocahontas warren…old man sanders and Killary probably won’t be around that long. Face it….we won you pathetic morons


sanders, killary and pelosi werent even mentioned. Both will be closer to 90 than 50

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