#TRUMPFBICODENAME: Donald Trump Twitter Memes & Jokes

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A Twitter trend took off on November 2 using the hashtag #TrumpFBICodeName. People shared memes, photos and jokes in which they came up with their "FBI code name" for Trump. It wasn't clear why Trump would have an FBI code name anyway, although there were reports that President Obama used a pseudonym as revealed in the WikiLeaks hacks and, of course, the disgraced Anthony Weiner allegedly sexted using a code name, Carlos Danger. Perhaps people really meant #TrumpSecretServiceCodeName. There are reports that Trump already has a Secret Service code name and it's "mogul." The 2016 presidential race heated up with even more intensity after FBI Director James Comey upended the race (potentially, anyway) by sending a surprise letter to Congress. In that letter, Comey revealed that the agency wanted to review a new cache of emails discovered on a device in an unrelated investigation. It was then revealed that the device belonged to Weiner, who is estranged from top Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin. Comey has come under heated criticism for the letter, which he sent because he had previously testified to Congress that the investigation was closed into Hillary's private server and emails. In his letter to Congress, Comey said the FBI wants to determine whether the emails on Weiner's device are significant to the Clinton investigation. That is not clear at this point, although the FBI has now obtained a warrant to search them. The FBI had suddenly become a big player in the final week of the presidential election, and Twitter took notice.

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1 Comment

Dictatorial democracy

Clinton’s campaign has worked hard to link Trump with Putin because simply laid out he want to eradicate ISS global terrorist groups with collaboration of Russia. on the other hand also they tried to show that Trump is crying too much about election because he simply said they are working on rigging the polls and election in general . for me both claim by Trump is reasonable. The Clinton’s machine is undermining the American democracy system by intimidated to FBI, Trump and his supporters and the justice system. folks we are going back to centuries in democracy if don’t allow each institution work independently . president, justice attorney, Donner’s and mainstream media are working overtime and crying so bad like small child to hand over rigged victory to Hillary.

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