Donald Trump Los Angeles Protest November 12th: The Photos You Need to See


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patricia s moore

Why can’t all of you change your electoral votes to Hillary beforE December and save our country???


Thanks for the visual on why Trump was elected. Get ready, America is going to take our country back. All the violent demonstrators will be arrested, lose all government benefits and illegals will be deported.


Got news for ya’ Phooey . . . Hillary won the popular vote, so these protesters represent the will of the majority . . . and these protesters are Americans too . . . exercising their Constitutional rights–while they still have them . . . and just who do you mean by “our” as in “take our country back?” Take it back for white males, white people, white so-called Christians??? Wake up, Phooey! This is not your father’s century; it’s the 21st century.

BTW, don’t you love how your boy Trump is already backpedaling on his Obamacare and Wall-building promises? Matter of fact, seems what Trump is now proposing is a 95% replica of Obamacare. I hope you enjoy getting screwed by your Snake Oil salesman!


How about they go back and verify all of the ballots or count the absentee ballots that were never counted for those in the service that never received theirs? I bet that there would be enough fraud uncovered that it would show that she didn’t actually win the popular vote either. Look at the map of the country….. it is mostly red. People outside of the metro areas deserve to have their voices heard too. This is the reason for the electoral college. If it didn’t exist, the liberal democrats would win every election. There would be no point in having other candidates. Thankfully, he wealthy elite don’t get to speak for everyone in this country. It is so painfully obvious that people are sick of politics as usual. People are hoping for a change.


How about the votes that were cast actually be counted, how about we stop in-house oppression and reinstate the Voting Righta Act!! Only five times in the 200 yrs the Electoral College has been around, was a Pres-Elec who DIDNT WIN POPULAR VOTE Selected to lead. And the last time it happened we managed to hit a financial crisis…
And Republicans were in the white house.. What a coincidence.
So stop worrying about things that are so minor you can’t see the larger picture.
Russia(or someone else hired to) hacked our system, they are laughing at us and we’re disputing among ourselves….
Ever heard of divide and conquer from within?? We got it!!


Got news for ya’ anonymous, popular vote don’t mean hooey, its all about the electoral college and has been since the beginning. Also, exercising your constitutional rights doesn’t give you the right to block traffic, trash cars and stores, and beat up people. Also, this is not about race. its about american culture and the attempted take over by socialists and the lunatic fringe. Nobody cares what color people are, but they do care about behavior and beliefs. If you think its ok to act extremely odd and anti-social and even violent because you are not white, and that anyone doing anything about it is a racist, then you are very off base. Last. Trump always said there were good elements of Obama care. After all , there are bound to be one or two in a 2,000 page law, so like a few good points, like pre-existing condition bans does not mean he is backpedaling. I believe he will repeal and replace. And some of the replace will contain some elements from what is repealed. p.s. I will risk being screwed by someone living the american dream than by a murdering, corrupt insider who has never actually accomplished anything other than enriching herself…


As the you and the rest of the lunatic left grapples with Hillary Clinton’s loss on Tuesday, many are pointing to her popular vote “victory” as if it proves something meaningful. It does not. Sure, it’s a piece of interesting historical trivia that she may end up receiving more raw votes nationwide than Donald Trump, but presidential elections are decided based on the outcomes of 50 separate popular votes (plus DC, and setting aside the proportional systems in Nebraska and Maine), of which Donald Trump appears to have won 30 or 31. Those wins will reap him at least 306 electoral votes, well over the winning threshold.
Campaigns devise their strategies based on this system, which was ensconced by the founders at the Constitutional Convention. If Trump had been focused on winning the national popular vote, he would have allocated his time and resources very differently, angling to wring votes out of uncompetitive but vote-rich blue (California) and red (Texas) states, for example. To argue that Hillary’s popular vote win diminishes the legitimacy or decisiveness of Trump’s overall triumph is to argue that the rules and constitutional framework — recognized and agreed upon in advance — do not, or should not, matter. Furthermore, to complain that the electoral college system is ‘undemocratic’ is to cherry-pick a grievance based on an undesirable result. Buried at the very bottom of this USA Today piece highlighting that Senate Democrats also won the non-existent nationwide “popular vote” in their 2016 races (more on that in a moment) is this little nugget:
Republicans captured the majority of the “popular vote” for the House on Election Day, collecting about 56.3 million votes while Democrats got about 53.2 million, according to USA TODAY calculations. With a few races still undecided, Republicans so far hold a 239-193 majority for the next Congress.
House Republicans won the (truly nationwide) “popular vote” by roughly three million votes. This clearly means that they should control all 435 seats in Congress’ lower chamber, or democracy is dead, or something! Popular vote! Three million! Except…that’s not how the system works. And everyone knows it. Just as everyone knows how the electoral college determines the presidency. That’s why many liberals’ favorite-turned-least-favorite website is called FiveThirtyEight, after all. Republicans won a majority of House seats by dint of winning approximately 240 miniature popular vote elections in individual Congressional districts. Donald Trump won a majority of the electoral college by winning about 60 percent of state-level popular votes for president. Finally, a word on the aforementioned Senate statistic: Tallying the “popular vote” in those races is even less useful than in the presidential or House contexts. Why? Only one-third of Senators were up for re-election this cycle, so we’re already talking about a fraction of the chamber. Indeed, the majority of each party’s US Senators were not on the ballot in 2016.
Furthermore, because of how the rotation worked out this time, there were Senate elections in the huge, vote-heavy blue states of New York and California, whereas there was no Senate race in Texas, the most populous red state. Beyond that, due to California’s relatively new election system, the GOP did not even field a general election candidate for US Senate at all, so that state’s millions of Republican voters were faced with the prospect of either backing one of two liberal Democrats, or sitting the race out altogether. For reference, at last count, nearly three million Californians voted for Donald Trump; close to five million backed Mitt Romney four years ago. That’s are a lot of arguably-disenfranchised California Republicans in an all-Democrat Senate race. The USA Today story acknowledges this dynamic, and offers an interesting concession:
In California, for example, there were two Democrats — Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez — competing for an open Senate seat, with no Republican on the ballot. Together, they received 7.8 million votes. If you count only Harris’ winning vote total of 4.9 million, Democrats still tally 42.2 million votes. Had a Republican Senate candidate in California captured as many votes as Sanchez did — about 2.9 million — the total for the two parties nationwide would have been about even.
Ah. So if the GOP hadn’t been shut out of California’s race, the national “popular vote” total of the in-cycle Senate contests would likely have been approximately tied between the parties. Some might point out that Republicans failed to qualify a top-two finisher in the “jungle primary” system, so they weren’t ‘robbed,’ rendering this whole hypothetical irrelevant. Absolutely true. They lost fair and square under the established rules. And the same can be said of the legitimate victories racked up by Donald Trump, House Republicans and Senate Republicans.


Trust me, we all understand how the Electoral College works . . . all Anonymous @ 7:33 pm pointed out to Phooey was that the popular vote showed more people wanted Hillary than Donald. Period. (And all of California, with a 60+% Hillary vote hasn’t even been counted yet.) Therefore, protests should not be surprising, and that her painting protestors as illegals was just a continuation of the propaganda Trump supporters use to salve their consciences. Furthermore, the fact that Phooey went on to state “all the violent protesters” when so few protests have been violent, is, at best. hysterical hyperbole. Trump supporters screamed and yelled all through the Obama administration and all through the Trump campaign. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. Otherwise, if you can’t stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen. As the victor, I would have hoped that Trump supporters might have cut back on their vitriol, but I now see that it’s not enough for them to win, they need to destroy. Therefore, hate crimes are proliferating, as does the racially-charged bullying in schools.

Sorry, it is about race, and gender . . . you can deny it all you want . . . but it doesn’t change the facts.

“In California, for example, there were two Democrats” . . . the reason being is that it was the will of the people. Two years ago, the people of California voted that the top two vote getters of ANY party would be the two individuals to appear on the ballot. California, rejecting Trump’s agenda of racism and misogyny went with two Democrats. So, sorry, Republicans, if you want to win in California, you’re going to have to embrace and serve ALL the people: white, brown, black, multi-racial, women, men, gay and straight EQUALLY. Otherwise, you might as well pack up your tent and leave.

“Ah. So if the GOP had’;t be shut out of California’s race . . .” CALIFORNIA DOES COUNT, no matter how much you don’t want it to . . .you don’t get to pick and choose the states that are counted, so your proposition is ridiculous . . . but I do applaud California’s post-election efforts to secede from the U.S. As the world’s seventh largest economy, it is totally self-sustaining. Can you imagine if they erect trade barriers to the other 49 states with its food and tech industry? It can just sell more to Asia, Australia and the rest of the world. It could even limit what can and can’t be said on the net. Facebook is evaluating that right now. How would all the hate and lies get spewed then? Candidates might have to actually deal in some approximation of the truth.


They’re keeping it peaceful, for the most part. They can’t take anything away from me! Good luck deporting all the undocumented (yes that’s the proper way to say it) immigrants. Our Army isn’t big enough. But maybe he’ll start personal police force… or even a gestapo! House to house, making threats… sounds so farmiliar!

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