Donald Trump Protest in New York City: The Photos You Need to See


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lol, look at all those precious, rich white little snowflakes, slobbering how they shall overcome. what little clowns. Back to their parents basement, all of them!


How cruel. This is a terrifying time for all of us, regardless of race, because we care about tolerance in general. Today was a brutal blow to minority rights, women’s rights, and our sense of pride and respect for our own country. We are not slobbering. We are deeply saddened, disappointed, and afraid for what this means for our future freedoms. He may be president, and we must respect that. However, it is our right and our duty to express our disapproval for the hate-filled and fear-based campaign that Trump has run. Protest is one of our most sacred rights, and it is an essential mechanism for promoting change as well as demonstrating our solidarity with the many groups Trump has scared and offended.


So, who is their president ? You have already cast your vote in a very democratic way to elect your president ,just get over it and accept the out come ,that is what democracy all about.

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