Donald Trump’s Raleigh, North Carolina Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Donald Trump led a rally today in Raleigh, North Carolina's J.S. Dorton Arena. Hillary Clinton will be leading a rally later today in Raleigh, too. Thousands attended Trump's rally and he has three more scheduled for today. Click through the gallery to see photos and stories from Trump's Raleigh rally. (Getty)




Why I voted for Trump – I lost my insurance back in 2011 when I couldnt pay it – this month, my husbands employer announced that their health insurance goes up 73.8 % as dec 1st – now we cannot afford his once it goes up. and we are right at the line where we do not qualify for substitutes. we live paycheck to paycheck. Ive already have a stent in my right kidney. He has already has 3 mini stokes. What the hell are we supposed to do ?


The Chumps for Trump supporters actually believe that what they see on reality TV is Real.

They support a bogus change that’s more of the same. Trump marketed as an outsider, is the ultimate insider neo-supply sider. “Trumped up trickle down” will sake up the Government by regurgitating the Social Darwinian supply side tax reforms of Reagan and Bush that initiated historical fiscal deficits that required salvation by succeeding democratic administrations.

FORBES: Want A Better Economy? History Says Vote Democrat!

Life Got Better Under Obama, According to Gallup

list of 400 Obama’s accomplishments_

Robert Sutton

Reported by the Washington Post & Huffington Post
Over the weekend, Trump had a disabled kid in a wheelchair thrown out of his rally, for holding a Clinton sign. The kid, who has cerebral palsy, asked his mother to bring him to the rally so he could protest Trump’s disparagement of the disabled. As the kid was wheeled out, people booed at him, kicked his chair & yelled obscenities at him. Trump verbally encouraged the crowd, pointed at the kid, shouting, “Get him out of here!”.
This election is too unpredictable & too important to not vote or to waste a vote on a 3rd party. If we don’t vote for Clinton, we risk another election of 2000 scenario. Except Trump is more cruel, more ignorant & more dangerous than Bush ever was, for reasons that have been well documented. Please listen to the experts. Please Vote Clinton/Kaine 2016 if you want Obama’s legacy to continue, and if you want sanity rather than chaos to rule our government for the next 4 years.

(Please share this story as a final reminder for why we need to keep Trump away from the Oval office. There’s too much at stake)

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