Donald Trump’s Reno, Nevada Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Donald Trump was rushed off stage during his Reno, Nevada rally today when Secret Service thought there was a credible threat against him in the crowd. He was brought back on stage later, where he finished his speech. Trump supporters subdued a man and yelled out that he had a gun, when Secret Service sprang into action. The man was put under guard by Secret Service and reports later confirmed that no gun was found on the man and, in fact, supporters saw him raising a sign that they misinterpreted as being a gun. Trump supporters noted that Trump came back on stage later, continuing his speech despite a possible threat against his safety, when earlier in the day Hillary Clinton had canceled her own speech because of rain. Click through the gallery to see photos and stories about the rally in Reno. In this photo, police officers and Secret Service take a man away in handcuffs from the rally. He was later released. You can read all the details and see videos in our story here. (Getty)