WATCH: Fidel Castro’s Death Celebrated on Video in Miami

Miami residents took to the streets to celebrate the death of controversial Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro. Their reactions were captured on video (see above).

Roads were closed in Little Havana as the celebrations burst out after news of the death of Castro.

The death of Castro, at the age of 90, was announced on Cuban state television on November 25 by Castro’s brother, Raul. Castro had been ill for some time; in 2008, he turned over the power of the government to his brother. For decades, Castro stood as a Cold War symbol of defiance against the neighboring United States and its system of capitalism, the latter of which he was harshly critical. The exact circumstances of the death were not made clear on November 25.

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Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. (Getty)

In Miami, people were rejoicing over the news. Outside Little Havana, people banged pots and pans, honked, cheered, and shouted “Cuba Libre!” Some criticized Castro for not allowing freedom of speech and expression like that exhibited after his death in Miami.

People waved the Cuban flag in what was dubbed “spontaneous” celebrations.

Others were hesitant to celebrate the death of Castro.

On the opposite end of the reaction spectrum, NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell became the butt of jokes on Twitter for appearing to almost tear up when talking about Castro’s death. Mitchell has been criticized before for appearing to have positive feelings about Castro. She interviewed Castro in 2002.

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