GOP Consultant Matt Mackowiak Tells Trump to ‘Go F**k Yourself’ on Twitter

Donald Trump, Matt Macowiak, Donald Trump Twitter rant


Matt Mackowiak, a conservative and the founder of the Potomac Strategy Group, went on a Twitter rant on Election Night, complaining about how the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, ran his campaign. The blistering critique started off with a blunt declaration: “Go f**k yourself.”

In that first tweet, Mackowiak also said Trump lost “the most winnable election in 50 years against the least popular [Democratic nominee] ever.”

Next, Mackowiak said Trump’s strategy of only going after white male voters was a terrible strategy for 2016. He also believed that Trump’s campaign will make it easier for Democrats to gain seats in the U.S. Senate.

He even imagined what Trump’s New York Times obituary will look like.

Mackowiak called Trump’s campaign “the most inept, unserious presidential campaign in a century. Staffed by clowns, wasting money.”

Mackowiak then told Trump’s children to be “better than your father.”

He then turned his attention to 2018 already, suggesting that the GOP could rebound in the mid-term elections.

In the end, Mackowiak said that the Republican Party has a lot of work to do and “That work begins immediately.” He added, “GOP unity will be more important now than ever. The next few months will be difficult.”




And we cares what this crass crybaby has to say why? This is such a non story. Waste of 5 mins.


JC exactly. The GOP and its core values have been vandalized since Bush Sr and Jr (now both Clinton supporters) hijacked the system. This clown is a loudmouth turd. Time to drain the swamp.

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