Hillary Clinton’s Detroit, Michigan Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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These uniformed voters don’t seem to care hat Hillary and dems policies have hurt black communities. Voter apathy is just bad in this country. Hillary doesn’t care about blacks. Only wall street and middle east donors. What has she or Obama done for minorities? Nothing… but pander and ask for vote then neglect them.


Obviously, another rabid Trump supporter, who, like Trump doesn’t do his homework, and shouts out all sorts of false charges . . .. . . in response to your question: What has she or Obama done for minorities? Nothing,” . . . read on, and you might learn some facts . . . that is, if you’re interested in facts . . .

1. As a Senator, Hillary was on the HELP Committee, the first thing that came to mind was her authorship of the Pediatric Research Equity Act. This law requires drug companies to study their products in children. The Act is responsible for changing the drug labeling of hundreds of drugs with important information about safety and dosing of drugs for children. It has improved the health of millions of children who take medications to treat diseases ranging from HIV to epilepsy to asthma. Millions of kids are in better shape and alive because of the law Senator Clinton authored. This helped children of ALL colors and nationalities, including black children.

2. As First Lady, Hilary Clinton ended worked with Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch to create the SCHIP program, which expanded health coverage to millions of lower-income children. She has other accomplishments but this one made a huge difference. This helped poor children of ALL colors and nationalities, including black children.

3. Her role in the killing of Osama bin Laden. This helped ALL democratic-loving people of ALL nations; but especially those in the USA.

I could go on and on, but not sure your ADHD will allow you to process much more at one time!


BTW, curt, Donald Trump is 70, and a self-professed billionaire . . . where’s his list of good work and accomplishments . . . after all, at 70, and being a so-called billionaire, he’s certainly has had the time and the means!

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