Hillary Clinton Fort Lauderdale, Florida Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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Why in the world would anyone want to go hear what she says, all she does it put down the other candidate. She is a habitual liar and nothing she tells you can be believed.


OMG???? What is Trump doing? He sure isn’t saying anything but negative. He is negative. Every election is like this. Not shocking.


Hillary Clinton is a woman of wonder ?
she has never lied !
she’s always spoken the truth !
she has little children bring her flowers ! She has a stepson that is half black !
she has a daughter it does not belong to Bill !
At least we know where they’re taking the immigrants !
Look at the states that voted Democrat ! Hillary Clinton will have fun in prison, with her new cellmate plunger Bob !


I thought she has already sent to Guantanamo bay for rehabilitation.

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