Hillary Clinton’s Greenville, North Carolina Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Hillary Clinton led a rally today at Pitt Community College in Greenville/Winterville, North Carolina. The rally started at 3:15 p.m., with hundreds of supportive, enthusiastic voters showing up, WITN reported. An exact number of how many attended was not available at the time of publication. Clinton took the stage about half an hour later than planned and the rally focused on encouraging supporters to vote early. Click through the gallery to see photos and stories from the rally. (Getty)



Kay McFarland

10’s of 100’s of people showed up. Estimates were between 1500-1800 people. Pretty poor showing. That’s what happens to when the truth FINALLY comes out.


Sources say Hillary Clinton is behind in the polls by 9 points !

The media is trying to influence the presidential election in their opinion towards Donald Trump !

Hillary Clinton and parts of the justice department will be indicted by the FBI !!

Sources say : A Hillary Clinton DNC staffer claims that Hillary Clinton, said if Donald Trump wins we’re all going to hang.

Why would Hillary Clinton fear of The Gallows ?

Sources say : Ties to the Muslim Brotherhood have donated 20% to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

up yours

Let me tell you who’s Delirious

your delirious for even suggesting somebody is Delirious !

When I talk about Hillary R Clintons crime family !!

Radical Islamic terrorists can’t wait to get their hands on the prize which is America.

But ! as a paid Clinton operative ,you could care less about my family !

My freedoms and values,you can care less about America and its freedoms and its values !!

Hillary Clinton wants to hand this country over to Muslims !!

So they can destroy Christianity, Catholics,Judaism, Buddhism,atheism

So,when you start spewing your trash !

Claiming people are delusional when they speak the truth !!

You know the best way to get into a fight now a days ?

Is to say you’re voting for Donald Trump !

I say I’m voting for Donald Trump Everywhere I Go !!! And ;

I’m waiting for some scumbag like you too think you’re just some kind of a badass !!

Because then I could claim it self defense, and break half the bones in your body !!

while you’re on the ground crying like a little bitch !!

I’m going to spit on you !!

Then I’m going to tell you again I’m voting for Trump.

So , (up yours ! (Christopher Franco)).

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