Hillary Clinton’s Philadelphia Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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People did not show up for the campaign…they showed up to see Bruce and bon Jovi. As soon as the show was over nobody stayed. People were still on stage talking but people were leaving.


Your comment is not true. I was there and the crowd was at capacity through Hillary speech …


His comment is totally true everybody started leaving because I was there too they all came to hear Bon Jovi sing not Hillary Clinton talk about her trash how he’s going to raise taxes on the middle class and attacked the Second Amendment


No, your comment isn’t true. I was there and the only reason I went was to see Bon Jovi. I left just after they played and people in mass droves where leaving also.


That is totally untrue! I was there and very few people left after the singing.


Durring events like this the crowd is in lock down and everyone is forced to stay by the SS.


Amen, and amen. I love how the media is pretending that she is not being carried across the fininsh line by celebrities… but as one of her campaign advisors sais, young people are “f*cking stupid” and will follow celebrities.

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