Melanie Liverpool-Turner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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On Monday afternoon, Melanie Liverpool Turner was taken into custody after police say she pushed another woman, Connie Watton, into the path of an oncoming train at the Times Square subway station. The incident occurred at 42nd street and 7th avenue at about 1:20 p.m. as a southbound No. 1 train was pulling into the station, according to ABC7.

Read on to learn more about Melanie Liverpool Turner.

1. Police Say She Lied Last Month About Pushing a Different Woman in Front of a Subway Train

According to the New York Post, Liverpool-Turner lied to police last month about pushing another person in front of a train at the Union Square subway station. The outlet writes, “She falsely claimed on Oct. 19 she was responsible for the death of a German college student who was struck by a train, police sources said.” Police eventually learned that Liverpool-Turner fabricated the story, and the student had actually committed suicide after struggling with depression over a recent breakup.

2. She Has a History of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia

Police have said that Liverpool-Turner is “emotionally disturbed”, and has a history of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Last month, after claiming she pushed a student in front of a moving train, Liverpool-Turner underwent a psychiatric exam at Bellevue Hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

3. Police Believe She Did Not Know the Woman She Pushed

Witnesses have said it appeared as though the two women were arguing at the 42nd street station on Monday, but that they didn’t know each other, according to the Daily Mail. The outlet writes, “They were both standing on the downtown platform of the 1 train when Watton was shoved onto the tracks at around 1.20pm and pronounced dead on the scene shortly afterward…”

Bystanders who witnessed the incident immediately flagged down officers.

4. An MTA Worker Said She Looked ‘Proud’ After Pushing the Woman to Her Death

An MTA worker told the New York Post that Liverpool-Turner “looked ‘proud’ after she shoved the victim onto the tracks.”

In a statement on Monday evening, NYPD Transit Chief William Aubry said, “It’s a horrible incident, and your heart goes out to this family and this victim. And also to the other people who were on that platform.”

5. She Faces Charges of Second Degree Murder

Liverpool-Turner faces a charge of second degree murder.

According to the Daily Mail, Liverpool-Turner’s boyfriend, Olief Wilson, has said that she was “taking the train to go shopping in Brooklyn” when the event occurred.

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