#NameAPenceMusical: Best Tweets & Memes You Need to See

Mike Pence, NameAMikePenceMusical, Mike Pence Hamilton

Mike Pence at Trump Tower on November 18. (Getty)

When Mike Pence went to see the Broadway musical Hamilton on Friday night, he probably didn’t think he would cause a controversy. But due to his policies on the LGBT community, the Vice President-elect was booed as he made it to his seat. After the show, actor Brandon Victor Dixon read a statement to him, asking that he work on behalf of all Americans. Of course, this also inspired a Twitter trend, #NameAPenceMusical.

Below are some of the best #NameAPenceMusical tweets and memes Twitter users have shared. Many of them noted the lack of diversity among Pence’s own team compared to the diversity of Hamilton‘s cast. Others noted Pence’s record of policies against the LGBT community in Indiana. The current lead actor of Hamilton, Javier Munoz, is openly gay and HIV positive.

This user turned The Sound of Music into The Sound of Boos:

There’s also The Sound of Whining.

One person suggested a sequel to Chicago called Chicago 2: The Reckoning.

One person used this as an opportunity to take a shot at Hillary Clinton supports, changing Singin’ In The Rain to Cryin’ In The Rain.

Instead of Into The Woods, there could be Into The Hoods.

The Color White instead of The Color Purple.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch got a new title.

Here are some others:

Click here to see video of Pence getting booed: