National Candy Day: Where Can You Get Candy Deals?

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Today, November 4, marks National Candy Day. If you think we just had one of those, considering that everyone gets free candy on Halloween, you’re not alone. In fact, there aren’t that many deals for the holiday this year. We did find a few to help those out seeking cheap or free candy.

It’s not clear how today became National Candy Day. America is the largest consumer of candy, according to The average American eats 25 pounds of candy a year, with half of that coming from chocolate bars alone.

As Closet Samples notes, there are only a few site with National Candy Day deals.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

At Dylan’s Candy Bar, you can get 20 percent off your order with the code FOILTURKEY, which is available to use all month. The code BIZGIFTS can be used to get 25 percent off gift baskets and tower orders $75 or more. That code is also active through November 30.

The store is also offering free shipping when you buy the new Maple Waffle Crisp Bar.

Candy Concepts

Candy Concepts Inc. is running a month-long giveaway contest, with a winner receiving 12 nostalgic chocolate peanut butter clusters. Click here to enter the contest.


Hy-Vee is an employee-owned grocery store and gas station chain in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin. They’re running a deal where you can get 10 candy bars for just $4.

Other Deals

Amazon seller Variety of Candies is selling a 40-piece Candy Factory variety pack for $35.99, if you need a sugar rush that will last a month. Another amazon seller, Stay at Home Snacks, has a 50-piece variety pack available for $19.99.

While there aren’t many deals on the day, there are many candy fans celebrating on Twitter.

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