Philadelphia Trump Protest, Nazi Graffiti & Flag Burning Photos

Protests against Donald Trump broke out in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and tensions were growing after Nazi graffiti was scrawled on a building.

Protesters burned the American flag during the Philly protest on November 9. CBS Local said the protesters had gathered outside City Hall.

Other disturbing graffiti was also seen in Philadelphia (warning: Graphic language).

American flags were also burned during protests in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Texas the day after America elected the New York businessman president.

Pennsylvania ended up giving Trump the presidency, along with several other traditionally blue states, Wisconsin and Michigan. With its 20 electoral votes, and recent Democratic voting history, Philadelphia was a surprising pickup for Trump.

In Philadelphia, protesters held signs aloft that said things like “Not My President,” which was a hashtag trending on Twitter following the 2016 presidential election.

Protests erupted across the country in Chicago, New York, Seattle, and other cities. There was a mass shooting in Seattle near an anti-Trump protest, but Seattle police said the two were not related.

In Philadelphia, protesters declared Trump voters racist.

The list of protests in American cities was growing.

CBS Local said the crowd was consisted of many Bernie Sanders supporters and that protesters had gone to an event by the Philadelphia Socialist Alternative.

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