WATCH: Video of Philadelphia Pro Trump & Racist Graffiti Vandal

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania police have released surveillance video they say is of a man who spray painted pro Trump and racist messages on homes and cars.

“Trump rules,” reads one message the man painted.

The video of the graffiti suspect also contains a compilation of photos capturing the damage he did. Philly police released the video on November 9, the day after the election. Police said the vandal was captured on surveillance video on November 9. He was seen “painting on the hood of a vehicle,” police said.

He damaged multiple homes and cars, said the police. People who recognize the man should call the Philadelphia Police Department or email them at

In one of the worst examples of the man’s handiwork, a woman reported racist comments were drawn on her vehicle:

The man’s vandalism comes among other reports of Trump-related tensions in Pennsylvania, although police are not attributing any of the other incidents to him.

On November 11, the University of Pennsylvania reported that “black freshman students at Penn were added to a racist GroupMe account that appears to be based in Oklahoma. The account itself is totally repugnant: it contains violent, racist and thoroughly disgusting images and messages.”


The Daily Pennsylvanian reported that the site contained images of lynchings and has been linked to a University of Oklahoma student. People were called a “dumb slave”and other racial slurs, and the site mentioned Trump in positive terms, according to the newspaper.

Nazi graffiti was found in Philadelphia in a separate incident. “Sieg Heil” and “Trump” were among the words painted.

Swastikas and gay and racial slurs were reported at a Pennsylvania high school, including students using heil Hitler salutes, although it wasn’t clear whether it was related to the election.




Amazing!!! USA cliams they want and trying to implement world piece and stop terrorism. lolll You guys cant even stop it in your streets. What goes around comes around. USA will always have blood on its hands, and will never be at rest. Racist Dogs


Yes we are ,we always will be and try to stop America , you can’t . I’m sick of other people telling us we have to respect other people’s culture when they don’t care or respect ours .Get off your high horse ,there’s not one country that doesn’t have blood on their hands . We are not perfect but compared to what’s out there , we are in very good shape.If your proud to be Hispanic , great , if your proud to be black , great , if your proud to be middle Eastern , great , if your proud to be white , racist . I think it’s safe to say we are tired of it .


The media, claims that these are white protesters striking out against anti Trump protesters ! as you can see this is not so.

I don’t see white faces doing these acts of violence, i see terrorist attacking our democracy.

Who is giving the police officers the stand down order not to protect innocent Americans ?

Who is giving the stand down order as protesters vandalized and terrorized the streets of America ?

Why is Obama and his administration allowing these protesters to continue their terrorist activity Upon Our democracy ?

Why did Obama invite the black lives matter organization to the White House as this organization claims they want to kill police officers.

Maybe they went there to discuss Hillary Clinton’s yoga classes and wedding ?


If Obama said anything that would mean he cared,he does not .The fact that Hillary lost is just another tool for him to use as a way for racial unrest in the country. Sores and his connection with black lives matters is just another way to increase tension. He increases tension like in Greece ruined the economy and buys up what is left. The fall of America is what Obama has always been after.Then the left can rebuild there screwed up way.

the judge

We must demand protection from these criminals !!

Call your senator and demand protection !!

Call your congressman and demand protection !!

Call the city mayor and demand protection !!

Demand protection for private property !!

Demand protection for State Property !!

Demand protection for federal property !!

Demand protection from these violent organized civil unrest demonstration !!

Who is telling these police officers to stand down ?

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