PHOTOS: Obama’s Last Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony


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ugly desert rats

I think he should give to the ISS leader too before he leave the office. ISS is the result of Obama’s wrong foreign policy. look, now , what kind of favour he has done for ISS in Yemen. he sanctioned arm embargo on two strong Christian nations very close to Yemeni ISS position. Good job President.

Northern Lights

How did he create them? You people seem to forget that it was George Bush and his cronies who went to war on a lie. The Iraqi Government post war, refused to have US military presence in THEIR country, what was Obama to do? Force them to stay??

If there is anyone you want to blame, lay it at the foot of Bush and on particular his VP. I’m not condoning what Sadam stood for as he was a monster but the wing nuts would have been kept in check.

So let’s say “Good Job” to President Bush.

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