PHOTO: Trump Supporters, Not the KKK, Rally in North Carolina

After Donald Trump became president-elect, a photo went viral on social media claiming to show Klu Klux Klan members celebrating his victory on a highway bridge in Mebane, North Carolina.

But a local reporter has debunked that claiming, saying that the photo was actually taken during a rally held by Trump supporters prior to the polls closing Tuesday. The photo was taken in Burlington, North Carolina, on the Tucker Street highway overpass, not Mebane, according to the Burlington Times-News.

Barry Brown and about a dozen other Trump supporters held Trump flags, Gadsen “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and “Christian” flags above the highway, according to the Times-News.

“I’m out here today because we as Americans have taken God out of America,” Brown told the newspaper.

There is no evidence of any ties to the KKK. But the KKK has been active in North Carolina since the end of the Civil War.

In a surprising upset, Trump crushed poll favorite Clinton in the electoral college by claiming not only Florida, but North Carolina, and Rust Belt states like Ohio. Pennsylvania was also hotly contested but a Trump win ensured a 2017 Trump Presidency.

After it was realized Trump had won, former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke took to Twitter to celebrate the New York mogul’s ascendency.

Trump has tried to separate himself from the white supremacist group. In February, however, Trump did not immediately reject Duke’s endorsement of him, reports CNN. His failure to do so drew ire from both Republicans and Democrats.

Read more about the KKK celebration in Spanish at


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As we all know the media, they are Liars !! This is to promote racism.

Like CNN did When Donald Trump first ran for president.

Just like the Democratic party was paying $1,500 and a free cell phone to those who can start fights with peaceful Americans.

This is to incite civil unrest.


like merkel and hollande, hbo should ask the army to train the refugee men between 18 and 65 and then accompany them so that the refugees themselves start defending their countries.

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