WATCH: Thanksgiving at Standing Rock-North Dakota Access Pipeline

To many people, Thanksgiving is a lot more than roasting a turkey and sharing good times with family and friends. For Indigenous people, the holiday can conjure up a lot of different emotions, and protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline are feeling it more than ever today.

“Do not engage my children in drawing little pilgrims,” Faith Spotted Eagle stated in the video above. “Do not engage my children in saying that Plymouth Rock was a good thing, because it was the beginning of tragedy for us.”

“In spite of everything that happened to us, we are still willing to be open and loving to the people, anyone, whoever that is,” Eryn Wise said. She continued:

I live with 20 youth from around the country who are here fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline…so together we will eat as we do almost everyday, probably on the floor, probably with hundreds of other people. With whatever foods are brought and donated. And we will sit and we will give thanks for the opportunity to eat together, to share with one another as we always have.

“This Thanksgiving Stand With Standing Rock,” the video below is captioned. “This Thanksgiving give thanks to the brave women and men of Standing Rock by supporting their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.”

You can watch more Thanksgiving coverage and messages from protesters of the North Dakota Access Pipeline below: