Thanksgiving Dinner Politics & Donald Trump: Jokes & Tips for What to Do

Thanksgiving Dinner and politics usually don’t mix anyway (especially when the wine or beer are flowing). However, it’s even worse this year.

Two words: Donald Trump.

Whether you hate him or like him, there aren’t many people who don’t have strong feelings about it all. The Hill says that a poll found most Americans don’t want to talk about politics on Thanksgiving. But Twitter is full of people claiming their family dinner descended into political debate in two or three minutes. There’s always someone who just has to bring it up. The same poll found that only 53% of Americans don’t want to talk about politics and Republicans are more willing to talk about politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table this year.

When your uncle starts bragging about how he voted for Donald Trump, and your mother gets upset because he voted for Donald Trump (or whatever), here are some tips from Twitter about what you should do:

Change the Topic

Someone brings up Trump? Bring up… anything else.

Pompously Assert Your Knowledge

It depends on the family.

Establish Rules

Make politics off limits from the get go. You might want to avoid talking about religion too. This person’s grandma has the right idea:

Just Say No

There is no reason you have to agree to talk about Donald Trump (or Hillary Clinton. Or Jill Stein’s recount. Or whatever.) Just refuse.

No reason you have to join in.

Yeah, that could be tough in some scenarios. But ignore it.

Show Everyone Biden Memes

Basically, make it funny. When everyone starts yelling, make them laugh instead.

Play Bingo

Read Up On It – This Has Been Going on For Years