Trump Protest Signs: The Photos You Need to See

Since Donald Trump won the electoral college and was named president-elect, protests have erupted throughout the country in many cities. Many people carried signs with messages. Be aware that some of the signs in the next slides have graphic language. People marched toward Trump Tower in two cities: New York and Chicago. They protested in Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Orlando, and other cities. They carried signs and decried Trump. In Portland, Oregon, police arrested 25 people for engaging in what they said had turned into a riot. The protests were fueled by Trump's rhetoric during the presidential campaign. Trump himself has posted contradictory responses to the protests, first posting about the unfairness of the protests on Twitter, and then labeling them small and saying, "Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!" He has promised since being elected to be a president who works for all. However, emotions are raging and on Twitter people have used the hashtag #NotMyPresident. Trump won the electoral college by a large margin, turning several rust-belt blue states red, and winning the key states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. However, he also lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. It is this popular vote margin that has Clinton's supporters even more upset, although Clinton conceded the election and asked people to accept the results. Donald Trump has already met with President Barack Obama. Technically, the election is not decided until the electors who comprise the electoral college vote on December 19. Some Clinton supporters have called for the electors to become "faithless" and reject Trump, a scenario they could do in some states and face only fines if they did in others. In this photo, there is a sign left by a protester that reads "Oranage Will Never Be The New Black" at a protest against the elction of Donald Trump in the Boston Common on November 9, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in an upset to become the 45th president. (Getty Images)