WATCH: Donald Trump Outlines First 100 Days in New Video

President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition team has just released a new video outlining the administration’s first 100 days.

In the video, released on Monday afternoon, Trump says that his transition is going smoothly and that all of his first actions will be based around putting America first. Specifically, he says he would take a number of executive actions on his first day in office.

For example, Trump says he will immediately withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, cancel restrictions on American energy, create a rule that says two regulations must be eliminated for every one that’s created. He will also begin developing a plan to protect America from cyberattacks, direct the Department of Labor to investigate abuses of Visa programs, and impose┬ástrict lobbying restrictions.

Notably absent from this video was anything related to building a wall along the southern border or banning immigration from Muslim countries. Trump also makes no mention of Obamacare, a law which he previously promised to repeal on his first day in office.

Trump concludes the video by saying that he will provide further updates in the coming days.