WATCH: Hillary Clinton Full Children’s Defense Fund Speech

Hillary Clinton delivered a speech at the Children’s Defense Fund on Wednesday evening in what was her first public appearance since conceding the presidential race to Donald Trump.

Clinton came to the event because she was being honored by the organization for her contributions to it over the years. The former presidential candidate said that it was difficult for her to make it out here so soon after her crushing loss.

“I will admit, coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing for me,” she said. “There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again.”

Clinton went on to say, however, that the work of those at the Children’s Defense Fund inspired her to pick herself back up. She later said that she was deeply disappointed in the results of the election “more than I could ever express,” but that the campaign was never about one person or one election.

She also said that many Americans are afraid this week, recounting a story of meeting with a little girl who was afraid that her parents were going to be deported, saying that there is clearly a lot of work to do. Clinton recommended that Americans across the country get involved in their communities.

As a more positive sentiment, Clinton said that she was happy that there was a consensus in this campaign that there needed to be reforms made when it comes to child care and paid family leave.

Clinton concluded by telling her supporters to continue fighting for their values and to never give up.

“I know this isn’t easy,” she said. “I know that over the past week people have asked themselves whether America is the country we thought it was…But please listen to this when I say this: America is worth it.”


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ANONYMOUS… DO U EVER READ??? OR GO SEE THE MOVIE THE CLINTONS, today her husband said.. that is was all her fault she did not win & to quit blaming others, read about it they got in a big fight & they said Bills face was so red they were worried he would have a heart attack…hard to live with a women who has another women for a lover.


Well, it’s in a movie so it must be true. Wait. Lookup. There’s a giant spaceship over your house, that was in a movie too!. I knew Trump supporters would be SORE “winners”. He is not president yet! Read something with journalistic integrity noob.


Anna, you are the perfect example of what’s wrong with America. You actually believe Facebook memes are facts and fake news headlines are all you need to know. You seriously just said “it’s in a movie” so you believe it to be true. It’s sad that so many Americans are as ignorant as you. Gotta go, there’s an Eewok knocking on my door and my car just transformed into a large robot to fight off Godzilla.


Why are you listed as Anonymous? Embarrassed to praise the child molester, alcoholic, woman hating loser? Can’t say that I blame ya! You should be embarrassed!


Hillary Clinton still alive ,wow!
I thought she had a stroke and passed on


She is the epitome of grace, even in defeat – a stunning contrast to the president-elect.


Classy okay now I’ve heard everything how can a thief a liar and a crook be classy


Her intellect, commitment to service, genuine compassion, and grace in the face of ignorance are unsurpassed. 45 years of unpaid hard work, and this is just one of so many groups that have benefitted from years of volunteer service. 62 million will remember–and our children and grandchildren too–these years. And even now as the poorly educated and uninformed continue to harass her, those who know nothing about her life or the world except what they read in unsourced media, she continues in public service. Kudos.


What about the $175 million she bill and chelsea stole from their so called “clinton foundation” which she should be in jail for


Unpaid? that’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. 175million after being “dead broke” leaving the White House?


Oh yeah, and your SOURCED NEWS INFORMATION is accurate? Give me a break. You don’t even know when you’ve been lied to! The damage that Hillary and Bill hae done to children…their DOCUMENTED/VERIFIED trips to Jerry Upstein’s Island, where under-age girls and boys are given to visitors like a bag of chips, to do with what the visitor pleases! Don’t believe it? Have you read ANY of Hillary’s and Bill’s and Podesta’s emails?

You can hide your head in the sand…but you better come up every once in a while and check on your children, grandchildren!

You are the ultimate picture of what a SNOW JOB looks like, delivered to YOU by YOUR DEMocrat Party. Try REALITY!!


Nothing you just said is true. None of that is even remotely true. My God, Trump supporters really are the most ignorant batch of deplorable people on earth.


I don’t give her a year with her health problems. Epitome of grace….my ass…she’s drugged

Rhonda T Jeansonne

Yes,she is drugged, maybe drinking, most of all crushed by her defeat, her health is bad, she thought she had in the bag. What a shock. The media had us all thinking she would win but against all odds we kept praying for a change for our country. This is about America, not democrat or republican. Hillary Clinton believes in full term abortions which is murder. We did not want a murderer to lead our nation.

Roneen Henn

Evangelist 81% voted Trump 48%Catholics voted Trump on the Abortion issue. Women continue to kill themselves and their mates move on to another woman. Women don’t even know they have a right to protect themselves if they are dying. I believe if the woman has to die to honor those false claims the man should who impregnated her. Then I could accept their decision with no qualm.

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