WATCH LIVE: Police Tear Gas Oakland Protesters

The above is a video shot from the Oakland anti-Trump protest on November 9.

Police have officially pulled out the tear gas at an Oakland protest. The protest has been decalred unlawful assembly by police due to bottles, rocks and firecrackers being launched at officers, according to KTVU.

The protest had started earlier today, and around 8:00 p.m. officers estimated the crowd had hit 6,000 people and affected traffic. KTVU reported that there were reports of vandalism after protests marched through city streets, multiple fires were set, and the CHP reported that protesters attacked a vehicle after it was hit on Highway 24, breaking out a back window.


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Obama won no one was out rioting, those that did not want another 4 years of this crap simply got on our knees and prayed. 4 years later and people who’s candidate lost are in the streets violently protesting, shouting death to Trump, and acting the way a child does when they don’t get there way. America can you tell the difference in the hearts of the people? The mentality of the left is that of a child. They don’t get what they want they go right to stupid and violent behavior. Political correctness has run so far amok that it is spilling over in the streets. These people are not American. They are anti American. It is time to end this in our country once and for all. If you don’t love the constitution and the rights it allows you as a citizen then you need to leave. We have a system called a Republic in this country. If you want to change to socialism go to a country that wants that as well. LEAVE… America is nothing like the rest of the world and never should it be.


This is the same thing that the Muslims do in Europe.
They don’t get their way violence terrorism
The Muslims are probably the people behind all these protest moves !!
The Muslim Brotherhood they lost the country and now they want revenge.
CNN and there news narrators are partly to blame for this racial tension in the United States !!
Obama and Hillary Clinton are partially to blame as well.

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