RAW VIDEOS: President-Elect Donald Trump’s Win Sparks Protests Across Country

Not everyone was as happy about the presidential election outcome on November 8 as Trump and his supporters.

Donald Trump’s surprising win over Hillary Clinton on November 8 sparked more than a few protests across the U.S., and a decent amount of footage was captured and released.

Below is raw video from several West Coast protests:

Despite the extraordinarily biased title of this video, which Heavy in no way endorses, the close up footage of the protest is good:

And some raw footage specifically from Berkely, CA:

NowThis posted an overview of several protests, and included subtitles:

Here’s a clip of a protest in NYC:

And another clip of the same protest:

Some general footage from Channel-15TV’s YouTube channel:

And footage from an unnamed location posted by Ron Todd, showing protesters shutting down transit:

Donald Trump’s election shocked the world, as many believed Clinton would win. Only time will tell whether Clinton’s voters will accept President-elect Trump, who will take up office in January 2017.