RAW VIDEOS: President-Elect Donald Trump’s Win Sparks Protests Across Country

Not everyone was as happy about the presidential election outcome on November 8 as Trump and his supporters.

Donald Trump’s surprising win over Hillary Clinton on November 8 sparked more than a few protests across the U.S., and a decent amount of footage was captured and released.

Below is raw video from several West Coast protests:

Despite the extraordinarily biased title of this video, which Heavy in no way endorses, the close up footage of the protest is good:

And some raw footage specifically from Berkely, CA:

NowThis posted an overview of several protests, and included subtitles:

Here’s a clip of a protest in NYC:

And another clip of the same protest:

Some general footage from Channel-15TV’s YouTube channel:

And footage from an unnamed location posted by Ron Todd, showing protesters shutting down transit:

Donald Trump’s election shocked the world, as many believed Clinton would win. Only time will tell whether Clinton’s voters will accept President-elect Trump, who will take up office in January 2017.


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It’s the typical whining because something didn’t go their way. This is how our country does things now. I don’t believe a five year old gives a crap about the election much less cry about something they don’t understand. As for the rest if these kids actually been corrected or had a spanking when they was younger then maybe just maybe they would behave. Get over it, it’s out of our control.


Don’t be fooled by this scammer. You will never hear any more of “The Donald.” The racist, the wall builder, the sexual predator. None of it. He already gained your (his supporters) confidence (aka con man). He’s already offered us a slice of humble pie this morning. He’s already grovelling to the American people. “Time for us to unify.” “I’m going to need your help.” Time for him to sit up straight, make sure his tie is tight and lick his fingers to slick back that hair. He will be a President like (most) others–enriching his life with power and money and doing very little for you and I.

up yours

I have to admit I cried too, well !!
It really wasn’t so much crying, it was more like ,you know how you start laughing and then you start crying .
That’s about the extent of it .
But we do need to be careful !
Because as it was stated by more than one person in the Democratic Party this isn’t over.
Just be prepared for burning ! looting ! smashing of windows ! assaults ! On Peaceful American citizens
This will be the most part of the Muslim Brotherhood !! black lives matter !! And ; Any other hate group the Democrats choose to pay.
We all must remember they have been running the show for years and years ! They’re not going to give it up so easily . They have tried to overthrow our government !
With the use of turning our laws against us ! These people are well aware of the consequences that face them !
They have lost the prize America
They have lost their attempt to put us into slavery !

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