WATCH: Trump Protests Continue Into Night 2



*The following material is graphic in nature, please note before continuing.

Protests and erupted in Chicago and New York City on November 9, the night after Donald Trump won the United States presidency, and they have continued into cities across America November 10.

Protests against Trump are not the only videos trending right now on social media. In the clip below a white man is seen being beaten while someone assaulting or recording him yells, “You voted for Trump? You voted Trump? Damn, he voted Trump!” “You’re going to pay for that sh*t!,” another person yells to the outnumbered man:

Watch coverage of today’s rallies to protest the future President of the United States below:

The demonstration above located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, appears to be peaceful in nature. “People are afraid of how they’re going to be treated, and it scares me and I want to fight for them,” one woman told a reporter.

“Wall Street is our enemy, not Islam,” reads some of the signs at a rally in New York City:

Protests take to the streets in Richmond, Virginia:

Demonstrators also descended on Trump Towers in both New York City and Chicago the evening of November 9 to express outrage over the election of Donald Trump as president. “Hey, ho, Donald Trump has got to go,” they chanted.

When some people saw cameras, they gave the finger and said, “F–ck Donald Trump. Donald Trump go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay.”

You can watch more coverage from last night’s protests below:

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