New Jersey Polling Hours & Key Election Day Info 2016

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A man votes in the New Jersey primary in June. (Getty)

Voters in New Jersey will head to the polls on November 8 to pick a President and 12 U.S. House Representatives. Garden State voters do not have to vote for governor and most state legislative offices.

Here’s what you need to know as you head to the polls:

POLLING HOURS & LOCATIONS: Polls in New Jersey open at 6 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. If you are in line by 8 p.m., you are allowed to vote. To find out where your polling place is, click here to go to the New Jersey Department of State to use the Voting Information Project polling place locator tool.

REGISTRATION GUIDELINES: New Jersey does not have same-day registration and the deadline to register to vote in the state passed on October 18. Click here to check your registration status at the New Jersey Department of State.

TRACKING RESULTS: There are several ways to track results in New Jersey. After the election, official results will be posted at the New Jersey Division of elections site. You can follow real-time coverage at local media, including News12,, MY9NJ and 6ABC.

WHAT’S AT STAKE IN FEDERAL RACES: Although New Jersey has a sizable chunk of electoral votes with 14, the state is not considered to be in contention. Democrats have won the state in every presidential election since 1992 and Hillary Clinton is not expected to lose to Donald Trump in 2016.

New Jersey has 12 Representatives in the U.S. House. All six incumbent Democrats and all six incumbent Republicans that represent the 12 districts are running for re-election.

WHAT’S AT STAKE IN STATE RACES: Elections for the New Jersey General Assembly, New Jersey State Senate and New Jersey Governor are not held until November 2017. However, there are special elections being held for the 18th State Senate district, the 18th General Assembly district and the 29th General Assembly district.

There are also two questions on the ballot. The first is a constitutional amendment to allow casino gambling in two counties outside Atlantic County. The second is another constitutional amendment to allow for additional revenues to be dedicated to the state transportation system.

For a complete look at the New Jersey ballot, click below.