Georgia Election Ballot 2016: Candidates for Each Office

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A polling site assistant manager holds “I’m a Georgia Voter” stickers at Taylorsville Town Hall on Super Tuesday March 1, 2016, in Taylorsville, Georgia. (Getty)

Georgia voters go to the polls on Tuesday to cast their ballots in races for the state’s U.S. Senate seats, its U.S. House seats, and its state House and Senate seats.

Four parties have lines on the ballot in Georgia: the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Independent Party. There’s also a ballot line for write-in candidates.

You can find a sample ballot for your town by providing your address at this Ballotpedia page.

Here’s a list of your candidate options for each race:

President and Vice President

U.S. Senate

  • Incumbent Johnny Isakson of the Republican Party
  • Challenger Jim Barksdale of the Democratic Party
  • Challenger Allen Buckley of the Libertarian Party

U.S. House

Click here to search by zip code for each congressional district and click here for a map of all 14 congressional districts.

First District

  • Incumbent Earl “Buddy” Carter of the Republican Party
  • Challenger Nathan Russo of the Independent Party (write-in)

Second District

  • Incumbent Sanford D Bishop Jr of the Democratic Party
  • Challenger Greg Duke of the Republican Party

Third District

  • Drew Ferguson of the Republican Party
  • Angela Pendley of the Democratic Party

Fourth District

  • Incumbent Hank Johnson of the Democratic Party
  • Challenger Victor Armendariz of the Republican Party

Fifth District

  • Incumbent John Lewis of the Democratic Party
  • Challenger Douglas Bell of the Republican Party

Sixth District

  • Incumbent Tom Price of the Republican Party
  • Challenger Rodney Stooksbury of the Democratic Party

Seventh District

  • Incumbent Rob Woodall of the Republican Party
  • Challenger Rashid Malik of the Democratic Party

Eighth District

  • Incumbent Austin Scott of the Republican Party
  • Challenger James Neal Harris of the Democratic Party

Ninth District

  • Incumbent Doug Collins of the Republican Party (uncontested)

Tenth District

  • Jody Hice of the Republican Party
  • Leonard Ware of the Independent Party (write-in)

Eleventh District

  • Incumbent Barry Loudermilk of the Republican Party
  • Challenger Don Wilson of the Democratic Party

Twelfth District

  • Incumbent Rick Allen of the Republican Party
  • Challenger Tricia Carpenter McCracken of the Democratic Party

Thirteenth District

  • Incumbent David Scott of the Democratic Party (uncontested)

Fourteenth District

  • Incumbent Tom Graves of the Republican Party
  • Challenger Patrick Boggs of the Independent Party (write-in)

State Legislative Races

Republicans have a government trifecta in the state of Georgia, with majorities in both the state House of Representatives and Senate, along with holding the governorship. In the state Senate elections will be held this year for all 56 seats. Republicans currently have the majority with hold over 39 of 56 seats. All 180 seats in the state House of Representatives are also up for election, with Republicans currently holding 116 of the 180. Nathan Deal has served as Governor of Georgia since 2011 and the next gubernatorial election will take place in 2018.

Ballotpedia has a full list of elections in the House and the Senate. The site also has a comprehensive breakdown of races to watch in both houses.

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