New Jersey Election Ballot 2016: Candidates for Each Office

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A New Jersey voter during the primary in June. (Getty)

In New Jersey, voters will make their choice for U.S. President and also choosing 12 U.S. House members. Voters in the Garden State will not vote for governor until next year, as Chris Christie‘s second term does not end until 2018.

To see what the ballot will look like in your district, click here to use Ballotpedia’s Sample Ballot Lookup tool.

Here are the candidates on the New Jersey ballot.

U.S. President

There are nine presidential candidates on the New Hersey ballot. They are:

U.S. House

New Jersey has 12 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and all incumbents are running for re-election. Incumbents are noted by an asterisk (*) next to their names.

District 1

  • Bob Patterson (R)
  • Donald Norcross (D)*
  • Bill Sihr (L)
  • Michael Berman (
  • Scot John Tomaszewski (We Deserve Better)

District 2

  • Frank LoBiondo (R)*
  • David Cole (D)
  • John Ordille (L)
  • Eric Beechwood (People’s Independent Progressive)
  • Steven Fenichel (Representing the 99%)
  • Gabriel Brian Franco (For Political Revolution)
  • James Keenan (Make Government Work)

District 3

  • Tom McArthur (R)*
  • Frederick John Lavergne (D)
  • Lawrence Berlinski Jr. (Constitution)

District 4

  • Lorna Phillipson (D)
  • Chris Smith (R)*
  • Jeremy Marcus (L)
  • Hank Schroeder (Economic Growth)

District 5

  • Josh Gottheimer (D)
  • Scott Garrett (R)*
  • Claudio Belusic (L)

District 6

  • Frank Pallone (D)*
  • Brent Sonnk-Schmelz (R)
  • Judi Shamy (L)
  • Rajit Malliah (Green Party)

District 7

  • Peter Jacob (D)
  • Leonard Lance (R)*
  • Dan O’Neill (L)
  • Arthur Haussmann Jr. (Conservative)

District 8

  • Agha Khan (R)
  • Albio Sires (D)*
  • Dan Delaney (L)
  • Pablo Olivera (Wake Up America)

District 9

  • Bill Pascrell (D)*
  • Hector Castillo (R)
  • Diego Rivera (L)
  • Jeff Boss (NSA did 911)

District 10

  • Donald Payne Jr. (D)*
  • David Pickney (R)
  • Aaron Walter Fraser (New Beginnings)
  • Joanne Miller (Women of Power)

District 11

  • Joseph Wenzel (D)
  • Rodney Frelinghuysen (R)*
  • Jeff Hetrick (L)
  • Thomas DePasquale (Financial Independence)

District 12

  • Steven Uccio (R)
  • Bonnie Watson Coleman (D)*
  • Thomas Fitzpatrick (L)
  • Steven Welzer (Green Party)
  • Michael Bollentin (We the People)
  • Edward Forchion (Legalize Marijuana)
  • Robert Shapiro (Teddy Roosevelt Progressive)

State Legislative Offices

New Jersey has had a Republican governor since Chris Christie was first elected in 2010. New Jersey governors cannot serve more than two consecutive terms, so voters will chose a new governor in November 2017.

Although members of the New Jersey General Assembly (the lower house) serve two-year terms and members of the New Jersey Senate serve four-year terms (except in the first term of a new decade, which lasts two years), the next election is not until November 2017. Both the General Assembly and Senate have a Democratic majority.

There are three special state legislative elections, though. Voters in the 18th and 29th General Assembly districts and in the 18th State Senate district will elect new representatives. A complete list of candidates in local elections can be found at the New Jersey Department of State site.