Will Hillary Clinton Run for President Again in 2020?

Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton 2020, Hillary Clinton future

Hillary Clinton will be 73 years old in 2020. (Getty)

Hillary Clinton‘s dream of becoming the first female president of the U.S. was shattered on November 8, when Donald Trump won the electoral college vote. Although Clinton could run for president for a third time, the election results showed that Americans are ready to move on from the days of having Clintons in Washington. Clinton didn’t specifically say that she would never run again in her concession speech, but she would face many of the same hurdles that stood in her way in 2016.

If Clinton decided to run in 2020, she would be 73 by the time of the election. That would make her the oldest person elected to a first term if she won. She would two years older than Arizona Senator John McCain, who was 71 when he ran in 2008. Considering that Clinton’s health was a concern during the 2016 race, it would become an even bigger issue in 2020.

Clinton would also have to overcome an overwhelmingly negative view of her among American voters. According to The Wall Street Journal, early exit polls from Election Day showed that six in 10 were bothered by Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State during Barack Obama’s first term. ABC News’ exit polls showed that 59 percent believed Clinton was not honest or trustworthy.

More exit polling data from The New York Times shows that 94 percent of Clinton voters believed she is trustworthy, while 73 percent of Trump voters thought she is untrustworthy.

While Clinton herself has not mentioned 2020, Trump supporter Newt Gingrich told Politico that he thinks Clinton running in 2020 is a possibility. However, he was talking more about Trump running again if he lost in 2016 and Clinton won.

Clinton is projected to have won 47.7 percent of the popular vote, just barely beating Trump, who earned 47.5 percent. However, Trump won the electoral college easily, with 289 votes already called.

If Clinton doesn’t run, the Democratic Party will have to find a new candidate and it likely won’t be Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders would be 80 by the time the 2020 election rolls around, but if the party wants an energetic voice who could wake up the base, Elizabeth Warren is a possibility.

Then again, some have been calling for Michelle Obama to run on social media, but Michelle Obama has never held elective office, but there’s been reports that she won’t run for office. Clinton’s running-mate, Tim Kaine, could also be considered a potential candidate.

Clinton previously ran for the White House in 2008, but was defeated by Obama in the Democratic primary. Obama then appointed the former First Lady and New York Senator to be his Secretary of State. Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton, was president from 1993 to 2001.

You can watch Clinton’s concession speech below.


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Please let her run again
Maybe the rest of America will be awake by then


No, She Lost. The democratic party needs new blood, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren , Sherod Brown or a human being.


I agree that the Democratic party needs new blood….but I disagree with the 3 candidates you listed. This 30 year rightward shift in the Democratic party should have ended years ago. The Democrats of 2016 are the Republicans of 1982. And it’s NOT working.


I disagree. I was a lifelong democrat. I was proud of what the democrats stood for. No longer, the new democratic party has nothing to do with America. It only has to do with keeping self serving politicians in power. I was a democrat, the Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, reid and the rest of those liars made me a Republican.


They did well in the 90’s. Some of what she did- not her husband, her- still are in place today. I’m not surprised with the protesting ,and I fear this isn’t over by a long shot. This is what happens Ladies and Gentlemen; When you don’t vote and sit around whining about the choices.

Varadarajan Ravindran

New blood may be useless like Elizabeth Warren and Tim Kaine.

Tony Callini Bery

No we need our voters registered like the republicans did in 2016!


The DNC will never nominate her. Even they realize that just about anyone else would have easily beaten Trump. Bernie would have won in a landslide because of all of Trumps problems. They now realize that they nominated someone (Hillary) that was and is un-electable.

Dot Mack

Just to be clear, I was agreeing with J.R.H. that Hillary should run again, that maybe the American people will be awake by then.

Elizabeth Coons

I have no numerical data, but I believe that negative feeling about her “trustworthiness” and “relatability” dropped after her concession speech and will continue to drop. That feeling is in significant part a product of the hard-right’s irresponsible meme-dropping. Clinton’s reputation also suffered unfairy through an echo-chamber effect. Slurs against Clinton were repeated much more often than they were actually attested, in part because announcers could not resist showing that they were au courant up to the latest whisperings. Responsible speech avoids unnecessary repetition.

Christina L Atteridge

Yes, definitely. And u can’t even deny, that Republican’s had to use their cheating tactics, like Russia, and SURPRESSING the votes… Mainly in Democratic area’s, and to African American’s… I’m sure, every1 heard, about those tactics, that Republican’s used in North Carolina… In order 2 keep people away from the polls… People, who Hillary were great with… African American’s! Plus, she had great support with Latino’s…It makes u think, whether or not, the Latino votes, were SURPRESSED, or prevented/ made it hard for them to vote, etc!

Jim S

The election was lost because Hillary didn’t connect with the American people. That isn’t going to change in 2020.

I firmly believe she is one the best policy makers in the country but the average person isn’t interested in that. If that were the case W wouldn’t have been elected or Trump – they don’t trust somebody that they can’t relate to. Trump is a billionaire but people connected far better with him than Hillary, it was clear from his command over his rallies.

Tony Bernard

I would love for Hillary to run again and I think she would run circles around the republicans but we will have got to start a movement of black and Mexicans voters getting registered and backing her. If that can be done we will have 70% of the house and presidency!


“I firmly believe she is one the best policy makers in the country”

Like what for example?

Michael Childers

I find it disgusting that people would rather have a bully and a liar for president like Trump. He has now proven that nothing he said would happen! Trump sold his soul to Russia for money and I can’t wait to see him Impeached


what you say is what you are. look in the mirror bro your the only one hurting peoples feelings. trump is not a bully


She is as crocket as they come, she should be in jail. She is the most cold, canaving human being I ever saw, lock her up.


Now is the time for the silent New York Republican minority to vote senator’s Chuck Schumer (democrat) and Kirsten Gillibrand (democrat) out of the senate. On top of that we gotta vote governor Andrew Cuomo (democrat) out or else he will make a run for president in 2024 after he wins his 3rd term as governor. in 2018 i hope Rob Astorino (republican and Westchester county executive) challenges GOV. Cuomo again.

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