Berlin Christmas Market Victims: Photos to Remember Their Lives

Lukasz Urban's Truck Was Hijacked, Reports Say

The Polish truck driver whose lorry was driven into the crowd at the Berlin Christmas market was last seen when he stopped into a depot to get a kabob in a Muslim area of Germany, said UK Daily Mail. Bild newspaper said it's believed that Urban remained alive until the end, at which point he was assassinated by the suspect and left dead in his cab.




Sei Saki

F you Merkel. You threw your own people under the bus in the name of islam. You’ve been so happy to appease these parasites pouring in from across the Middle East and Africa, inviting them into your backyard by the hundreds of thousands. Now Germany is reaping the consequences and it’s only going to get worse as the Nation’s culture and liberties slowly pass into the night. Good job with your treasonous actions.

Multiculturalism and globalization are going to be the death toll of many a European Nation. It’s down to the wire. Time to take up arms in defense of self preservation.