Bill O’Reilly: Left Wants Electoral College Abolished to Take Power From ‘White Establishment’

During the “Talking Points” segment of The O’Reilly Factor on December 20, Bill O’Reilly said that he believes that the real reason Democrats want to abolish the Electoral College has to do with race. “The left wants power taken away from the white establishment and they want a profound change in the way America is run,” O’Reilly said.

O’Reilly’s comments came a day after Donald Trump was officially elected the next President of the U.S. by the Electoral College, despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. Clinton beat Trump by 2.8 million votes, but Trump won 304 electoral votes to Clinton’s 227.

The number of Electoral College votes for each state is decided by the number of U.S. House Representatives plus the number of Senators for the state. Therefore, even states with small populations like Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota have at least three electoral votes. And even though Clinton won the popular vote, she only won 20 states compared to Trump’s 30.

“So, if the Electoral College were abolished, presidential candidates could simply campaign in the nation’s largest states and cities – New York, LA, Chicago, Houston – and rack up enough votes to pretty much win any election,” O’Reilly said.

O’Reilly said that if the Electoral College was abolished, it would “neutralizing the largely white rural areas in the Midwest and South will assure liberal politicians, get power and keep it.”

The host explained that he believes the real motive for talk of abolishing the electoral College is race because the left “sees white privilege in America as an oppressive force that must be done away with.”

He added that few commentators will say that the “heart of liberalism in America is based on race.”

“So-called white privilege bad; diversity good. If you look at the voting patterns, it is clear that the Democrats are heavily reliant on the minority vote,” O’Reilly continued. “Also on the woman vote. White men have largely abandoned the Democrats and the left believes this is because of racism – that they want to punish minorities and keep them down.”


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Nope i just want my vote to count the same regardless as to where i live.

Rick Day

You are free to move to a state where your vote has more weight. No one is stopping you.


That’s pretty much what they say in Africa. You know, the place where the USA is always preaching representative democracy and criticizing electoral jiggery pokery. Why does Bill have a problem with minorities in cities actually having a vote that has as much weight as a rancher in Wyoming? Could it be because he just thinks that white men should call the shots because, after all, white men should be in charge? He claims that of course, if this were to happen, candidates would just concentrate on cities (instead of concentrating as they do now on a few swing states?) The man cannot open his mouth without spittling his distatse for a world where everyone might, actually, be equal. Has he no shame? Obviously not.

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