Electoral College: Clinton Loses Washington Electoral Vote to Faith Spotted Eagle

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Hillary Clinton lost an electoral vote in Washington to Faith Spotted Eagle. (Getty)

In what may be yet another strange turn in a crazy election cycle, several electors went faithless in Washington State. But these weren’t the electors people were trying to get to flip. These were Democrat electors who switched their vote from Hillary Clinton. One of them even cast a vote for Faith Spotted Eagle. And despite rumors that this was an imaginary person, Faith Spotted Eagle is a real person — a Native American heavily involved in activism and seen as inspirational by many.

Here’s what you need to know.

According to local news station KOMO, although Clinton won all of Washington state and should have gotten all 12 votes, four flipped and did not vote for her. Three votes were cast for Colin Powell and one vote was cast for Faith Spotted Eagle.

They met at noon in Olympia to cast their votes, while 100 protesters were gathered outside.

The fine for faithless electors in Washington is $1,000.

You can watch the votes being read aloud in this video:

This was the first time in four decades that electors in Washington broke from the popular vote.

Faith Spotted Eagle is an activist who has been described as an “amazing and inspiring woman, mentor, teacher, and hellraiser.” Faith is deeply involved in grassroots efforts, including forming the Brave Heart Society to battle environmental injustice within Native American communities.