Donald Trump Tours Carrier Plant in Indiana: The Photos You Need to See

President-Elect Donald Trump and Indiana Governor Mike Pence paid a visit to a Carrier plant in Indianapolis today, a plant where several hundred jobs were recently saved when Trump and Pence made a deal with the company. Trump decided to tour this factory and deliver some remarks on Thursday afternoon, hours before the start of his "victory tour" of states that helped him win the 2016 election. Here are some of the best photos from Trump's trip to Carrier. (Getty)




I wonder if he gave away free hats or if they had to pay for them. What’s going to happen to the other 400 employees, whose jobs weren’t saved? There are 1400 employees at Carrier. Only 1000 jobs were saved. Kind of a no-brainer he would pick a company that his VP-elect governs. Let’s see him save other employees from the sure-to-be “you’re fired!” category. I’m still hoping, though, that he stops the merger, I mean takeover (hahaha) between AT&T and Time Warner. Now, THAT, I would love to see.


Some the glass is half empty others it is half full a complainer will always be a complainer

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