WATCH: President-Elect Donald Trump Full Speech in Cincinnati, Ohio

President-Elect Donald Trump delivered a speech in Cincinnati, Ohio this evening, during which he thanked citizens of the state for helping him win on November 8th.

Trump’s rally, which kicks off what he is calling the “Thank You Tour,” was very similar to the events he put on during his campaign, and he spent a significant amount of time talking about his impressive victory on Election Day. In fact, Trump devoted about 10 full minutes of his speech to ripping what he called “the extremely dishonest press,” and the entire auditorium booed the media in response.

The president-elect also doubled down on many of his campaign promises tonight, which should please those supporters who worried he might abandon these pledges after he won their vote. In particular, Trump once again discussed building a wall along the southern border and repealing Obamacare.

However, one area where Trump and his supporters seemed to disagree was on prosecuting Hillary Clinton. When Trump briefly mentioned Clinton, saying that it was fun to fight her during the election, his supporters immediately chanted “lock her up.” Trump then shook his head and moved on, not responding in agreement as he did during the campaign; Trump’s traditional response to that chant has been, “honestly, she should be locked up.”

Days after tweeting that those who burn the American flag should receive one year in jail and have their citizenship revoked, Trump asked the crowd if they felt the same way.

“Do you agree with my stance that if people burn the American flag there should be consequences?” Trump asked his supporters, who started to cheer and shout “USA,” clearly being on the same page as the incoming president.

The president-elect also announced that General James Mattis will be his nominee for defense secretary. This comes hours after the Mattis pick was reported in the media, although Trump’s staff initially responded by saying no decision had been officially reached.

“We’re going to appoint ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis as our secretary of defense, but we’re not announcing it until Monday,” Trump said, jokingly asking the crowd not to tell anyone about the announcement while well aware of the fact that he was being broadcast on every news network.

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1 Comment


Leslie Jorgenson Gruen.Trump was not my choice in the primaries, but I voted for him in the general election, and am genuinely excited about the fact that he is the most unabashed American Nationalist in my lifetime.
I am utterly sick of the hypocritical posturing of the media and of Trump haters, who claim that Trump voters are racists. etc., etc. My body has significant scars from defending a perfect stranger of another race and gender, and I risked my life doing so.I have repeatedly rebuked strangers, enemies, and loved ones for racist attitudes and talk and have been willing to fight to the death, lose jobs and relationships and reputation over that crap. I highly doubt that the Trump haters can honestly say the same.Frankly, I think the Trump haters talk a game that they have no track record for and that they have no stomach to ever earn. Charging Trump and his voters with racism, etc. is a cheap way to avoid a genuine debate. Please grow up and stop trying to impress academics and other elites who are mainly posturing hypocrites. Show your scars or shut up.

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